Subject: I am so angry!

I am watching the episode right now and as a client of Allen's, not just the salons, but Allen's; I am so angry. The way Allen acted was incredibly ugly and demeaning. Allen repeatedly told the girl from New York she sucked, blamed the dirty brush on her, said she was way in over her head, and called her second day a disaster, amongst all of the other useless crap that came out of his mouth. He called her embarrassing at the photo shoot, and then threw a hissy fit, stormed out, and slammed the door. You embarrassed yourself.
Allen was completely incorrect and unprofessional "correcting" her in front of a customer. He was in no way a mentor or teacher, he was demeaning and arrogant with his so called "corrections". She was completely respectful and professional in pulling him aside and saying correcting her in front of the customer loses customer confidence. I know that as a business owner myself. Apparently Allen isn't as smart, he is overly conceited, and wanted to show off and demean her in front of customers. Allen looked like an ass and a bully, not a role model.
Maybe Allen needs a reality check, they said in the beginning of Split Ends he gave Farrah Fawcett her famous haircut; which he did not, since he is not Jose Eber. And for your "Brentwood" salon, and "Brentwood" clientele and how you expected the girl from nowhere to do "Brentwood" hair -check a map, google, your website, your address, or just take a step outside your door; you are in Santa Monica - not Brentwood.
You said at the photo shoot she had to show you if she had any talent at all, and show you she was professional. She was more professional than you, and more mature.  I would gladly pay that girl what I've paid Allen for a haircut. What she lacks in technique she makes up for in class and professionalism. I will be finding a new salon and stylist, if I lived in nowhere New York I would be more than happy to go see the cute, pleasant, professional young lady, with the Rainbow Bright hair.

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