RE: You cut hair

[[EDITOR'S NOTE: I received the following response when I was asking permission to reprint this email.]]

I said some pretty horrible things to Allen in my email.  Allen came across as a monster on TV.  However, he took the time to respond to my email personally, and I laughed out loud at his reply.  I'm sure that Allen and I would get along very well.  We have a similar sense of humor.  Go ahead and reprint my email.  However, I think it's worth mentioning that Allen sent me a personal reply that is also worth printing. I have included it below:

Dear Holden:

Thank you for your email.  Let me explain to you the “reality” of a reality show.  We shoot for three days.  Within those three days Samantha and I travel up and down hills.  The uphill is when I am telling her how good she is, and being her friend.  The downhill is what your letter is about.  Unfortunately in this show the uphill ended up on the cutting room floor.  Whether you believe it or not, Samantha had a great time doing the show.  I taught her new haircuts, she came to my home for dinner, we laughed and sang like we were all a big family.  After reading your letter I see we are very much alike in many ways, only kidding.  I am sure I am a bigger dick than you are, even though I ONLY CUT HAIR. See you on the slopes.

Allen Edwards

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