Shaded Lady: The Cheeks

Shaded Lady: The CheekArea One — The Cheek

Contouring of the cheek gets a bad rap; most women think of an unflattering slash of color streaking down the cheek. But updated contouring promises to squash that association.

Explain her planes. “The highest part of the cheekbone is where the most light hits the face, so it makes sense that this is where she’ll want to apply a highlighter to attract more light,” explains DeSantis. In contrast, the hollow of her cheek below the cheekbone is where the least amount of light hits, allowing a shadow to form—which is where she’ll want to emphasize depth. “The contrast of the contour and highlight creates a depth to the cheek, which, in turn, makes the face appear slimmer and more sculpted.”

Less is more.
“Most people have a heavy hand when applying blush or bronzer as a contour,” she says. “To avoid this, tap the brush to get rid of any excess powder; then, swipe the brush back and forth a few times on the back of your hand. This ensures you don’t apply too much product. And, you can always add more if the contour is not dark enough.”

Know her angles.
Use a fluffy blush brush and apply blush or bronzer at an angle right underneath the cheekbone, using an upward motion. “Then, take another clean blush brush and blend the product you applied toward the temples in a circular motion. This blends the color into the skin allowing for a more natural finish,” she asserts.

Layer, but don’t cake. “You can also use both cream and powder to contour the hollows of the cheeks; this adds further dimension to the face,” says DeSantis. “Always use the cream first and then, with a medium powder brush, lightly dust a powder blush on the apples of the cheeks.”

(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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