Editorial Stylist of the Year

Editorial Stylist of the Year

Daniel Holzberger
Van Michael Salons
, Atlanta, GA

Photographer: Babak

The Inspiration:
My collection was inspired by a friend of mine, clothing designer Valerie Caron. She had a very organic dress that was made from a stretching, almost transparent material. I felt that my hair needed to be much more geometric so that there was some structure to the images, however I left the outlines of the hair soft and organic so that they melted with the dresses. When our photographer, Babak, decided to blow-out the images with light to show the transparency of the dresses, it may have seemed difficult to showcase the hair, but Babak did an amazing job in focusing in on the hair’s detail. All in all, the collection’s balance was amazing!

The Challenge:
Keeping that much hair clean! It’s so easy to make that much hair frizzy and messy, but if we did we wouldn’t have shown the internal geometry of the shapes. It took lots of time and patience, but it paid off!

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