Green Streak

Sun-Smarten Up: Green StreakGreen Streak    

Keep the green in her wallet this summer—and out of her tresses. “Because dry hair—no matter the condition—sucks up moisture, it’s important to thoroughly wet hair with water before jumping in the pool or going in the ocean,” says Belanger. A soused mane tends to prevent chemicals and minerals from leaching their way into strands.

Adds O’Connor, “Chemically processed hair—especially extremely processed blondes—is even more porous than normal hair and will grab on to chlorine and minerals even faster.” She recommends slicking wet hair with a UV-protective leave-in conditioner prior to taking a dip.

For hair that’s already mean and green, Kaytaz suggests a good chelating product, as well as addressing pH levels in the hair. “Immediately after swimming in the pool or ocean, spritz on a pH-balancing product that will help neutralize any existing salt or chlorine in the hair so that these stressors don’t continue to oxidize hair when she’s out in the sun.”

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