Serve and Protect

Sun-Smarten Up: Serve and ProtectServe and Protect

You’ve heard it before: Prevention is key…and education is just as mighty. “People don’t realize that they endure sun damage through window panes,” says famed dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. “Many people are exposed to the environment on a daily basis—even if only for an hour—yet they tend to put on sunscreen only when they go to the beach.”

This misguided effort, notes Dr. Mark Taylor, a laser surgeon at Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, can be boiled down to what recent surveys reveal: People are confused about the proper use and effectiveness of sunscreens. (To bone up on the ABCs of sunscreen, check out “Quick Tips” on page 50 of the June 2009 issue of Launchpad.) “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests applying about one ounce of sunblock every two hours, and even more often if you’re swimming or perspiring,” he says, adding, “A small tube containing three to five ounces of sunscreen might only be enough for one person during one day at the beach!”

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