A Frizz-Free Miracle

A Frizz-Free MiracleNext stop: Mauro Hair Studio in Beverly Hills, California, where I was welcomed by Kevin Moshier, who specializes in Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. The semipermanent, keratin-rich complex (which is reportedly chemical-free) loosens up curls and nixes frizz. “This is going to be life-changing for you,” enthused Moshier.

First, my hair was thoroughly shampooed and conditioned, then blown-out until it was bone-dry. Afterward, Moshier drenched my hair in the Keratin Complex solution, letting it sit for 20 minutes. Chatting about his curly-haired customers, Moshier noted, “their biggest complaint is frizz. That’s why post-treatment, those who choose to leave their hair curly account for about half—because they like the curl, just not the kinks that accompany it.

“But for those who want to wear their hair straight, the treatment works well too. Even though the hair will still air-dry curly, the treatment speeds up blow-drying time and produces an overall smoother effect. Of course, this is for those who have really curly hair like yours. For people who have less of a curl, their hair may naturally air-dry smooth after the treatment. It all depends on the individual.”

Separating my hair into small sections and using a flat iron set to 450°F, Moshier sealed the keratin into the cuticle. The whole procedure took about three and a half hours, and I was relieved to finally be freed from the chair. Yet when I gazed into the mirror, I was a little disappointed. My strands were stick-straight—no curl, no volume, no style, no nothing. But Moshier assured me that this wouldn’t be the case after I washed my hair three days later per Coppola’s post-care intel. “Don’t worry—you’re still going to have curls; they’ll just be a bit looser and without frizz.” Sure enough, days later I rinsed and—voila! I blow-dried my strands smooth in about half the time, and there wasn’t a kink to be seen. I swear, if I hadn’t been going on a date later that evening, I would’ve cried tears of joy.

And now, when I go to the beach and let my hair air-dry, it does indeed dry in loose—and, might I say, lovely—tendrils. At last, I’ve found the mane of my dreams. Now, if only I could run into that popular girl from middle school…

— Alyson Osterman


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