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P2 Age DePhy Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner have a Phyto-derivative formula that combats the signs of aging hair: pumpkin enzyme for clean, youthful shine and multifruit acid to firm the cuticle. Fennel seed antioxidants offer color protection, while soy protein pumps up the volume.

Profound Shampoos and Conditioners have your salon’s name on them, so they are diversion-proof. What’s more, salon professionals personalize the shampoos and conditioners to their clients on the basis of a hair and scalp diagnosis. The result is a recommendation that delivers the proper proportion for cleansing and conditioning necessary for each individual.

Back to Basics Color Protect Blue Lavender Shampoo is sulfate-free—mild, plant-based cleansers provide gentle cleansing—and formulated with blue lavender to help close the cuticle, birch to prevent color from fading and olive leaf, which is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Color Protect Blue Lavender Conditioner has a similar formula to smooth the cuticle, seal in color and increase softness.

Nioxin Cleanser 3 Scalp Therapy for Chemically Enhanced Hair are designed to protect color-treated hair in the early stages of thinning. Not only are toxins like DHT removed from the hair, but  BioAmP adds thickness and strengthens the hair shaft. Bionutrients and glyco-Fused Complex also safeguard the scalp from drying irritation caused by chemical services.

Retro Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner invigorate and refresh hair and scalp. Natural enzymes also help to protect hair color and leave hair with incredible shine. What’s more, the products contain no artificial colors or fragrances.

Privé Formule Aux Herbes Reparative Shampoo is rich in evening primrose, aloe, heather, jasmine and orchid. The ultrarich, herbal formula rejuvenates chemically damaged hair by delivering moisture, softness and shine. Reparative Conditioner is a weightless formula of aloe, ginseng, rose hips and spirulina maxima.

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