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L’anza Healing Haircare Anti-Aging White Tea Shampoo combines the newest peptide technology with neutraceutical plants and KB2 healers to restore health and radiance. White tea provides antioxidant benefits, fighting free-radicals that can leave hair dull and lifeless. Soap bark, nature’s own gentle foaming cleanser, lifts away impurities. Manuka Honey Conditioner includes Cystine Peptide Complex, fortified peptide bonds to boost strength, luster and flexibility, and nutrient-abundant manuka honey, which is blended with kaolin mud to deliver impressive healing benefits.

Deva Curl Deva Blonde No-Poo is a zero-lather, color-balancing cleanser that conditions blonde hair, while restoring color and moisture. It’s recommended for very dry, damaged hair. Use it in conjunction with Deva Blonde One Condition, an ultracreamy, nonbrassy, superrich, moisturizing instant conditioner.

esuchen N.P.P.e. Shampoo for Normal Hair with rosemary and chamomile is designed to gently clean the hair shaft and maintain proper moisture. N.P.P.e. Finishing Conditioner is a weightless detangling conditioner that improves texture and leaves hair manageable and healthy.

Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner contain quinoa protein to restructure hair, as well as penetrating plant-based emollients that moisturize and help repair dry, damaged hair.

Phyto Nectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo has a high concentration of active botanical ingredients that restores the moisture and lipid balance in ultradry, porous hair. Hypericum, a natural shield, and vitamin e protect hair from external stress factors. Phyto Karité Ultra Nourishing Conditioner is an intense treatment mask that helps repair and rejuvenate very dry, damaged hair. A wood cellulose derivative with water-binding properties helps maintain the hair’s moisture balance, while hydrolyzed keratin makes it easier to detangle.

BennieFactor B Balanced Conditioning Shampoo and B Strong Deep Conditioner are infused with extracts from the Southwest, like cactus flower extract, which moisturizes the hair and increases elasticity, and yucca glauca root extract, which adds shine. The conditioner contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice, a natural emollient.

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