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For over 30 years, men and women have turned to Viviscal™ PRO to achieve their hair goals.

Viviscal Professional is a 100% drug-free dietary supplement for thinning hair and hair loss. Viviscal is backed by 10 clinical trials proving its effectiveness and is the #1 selling hair growth supplement in the United States. Viviscal can be taken by clients who are looking to treat thinning hair or just trying to grow fuller, thicker hair.

Viviscal’s Proprietary AminoMar™ Marine Complex

AminoMar™ feeds and strengthens the very foundation of the hair, below the hair follicle, the dermal papilla - building hair strength from the inside out.

Viviscal™ PRO Is Proven Effective

Viviscal is the most researched of all hair supplements by far with no competitor coming close. Proven effective through 25 years of research and 10 clinical studies, it is a proven hair nutrient powerhouse delivered in just two tablets.

How Viviscal™ PRO

The first dose of two pills starts to nourish hair follicles right away, even before you can see results. Viviscal Professional has been clinically proven to plump up individual hair strands, contributing to thicker, healthier-looking hair. Like an effective skincare routine, a daily Viviscal Professional regime can help hair maintain a healthy look and feel.

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