The 2022 Beauty Industry Hiring Guide

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Recruiting and retaining salon talent can be a full-time job in and of itself; however, knowing your employees’ career goals and ambitions right off the bat can help you build a lasting team.

At the Intercoiffure America Canada Spring 2022 Gathering in Chicago, Stefanie Fox of Talent Match shared data from the “2022 Beauty Industry Hiring Guide,” which was conducted by Talent Match to determine what current job-seeking hairstylists expect from potential employers. The results may surprise you and prompt you to change the way you go about hiring new talent.

How did you find your salon job?

  • Recent cosmetology school graduates primarily found a salon job through their school, followed by Instagram and Indeed job boards.

How much paid time off would you like in your first year?

  • 40% said three days

When should working weekends be optional?

  • 40% said immediately after starting
  • 40% said after one year
  • 20% said after three years

How important is it to work on real clients within the first year?

  • 90% said very important

How much do you want to earn?

  • Most students surveyed said they want to earn $45-55K in year one
  • 65% said that 40% is a fair commission right out of school

How important is it to have schedule flexibility?

  • 70% said very important

How important is it to have a say in your schedule?

  • 80% said very important

How long do you want your initial training to be?

  • 40% said one month or less
  • 30% said 6 months or less

What is the most important to you when picking a salon to work in?

  • The top answer was the ability to grow
  • The second most popular answer was the culture
  • Leadership, initial training and freedom were in a three-way tie for third

What do you expect from the interview process?

  • 90% of students want to know about growth, money, the team, schedules, training and performance expectations during the first interview
  • 60% want an interview within 48 hours of application

When will you start looking for a job?

  • 50% said when they are halfway done with their degree
  • 40% said two months before graduation
  • 10% said after graduation

What is your plan immediately after graduation?

  • 59% said they want to find a job as an employee
  • 41% said they want to rent a suite

Did anyone in your life try and talk you out of becoming a beauty professional?

  • In 2021, 54% said yes and 46% said no
  • In 2022, 44% said yes and 56% said no
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