5 Easy Ways to Ramp Up Her Day-to-Day Look

Velvet Scrunchy, Model- Amaka
Velvet Scrunchy, Model- Amaka

Winter is upon us! Advise clients of these five ways they can keep their hair looking stylish all season long.  Bubble Ponytail, Model- Adel H V BrooksBubble Ponytail, Model- Adel H V Brooks

'90s Blowout - Reminiscent of Rachel Greene's iconic bouncy hair on Friends.

Accent Braids - Create two twin braids at the hairline while leaving the ends loose and super glossy.

Bubble Ponytail - Simply pull hair back into a ponytail, then place a hairband every two inches down to create a bubble look.

Fashion Scarf - Wrap a silk scarf around a pony or bun. 

Velvet Scrunchie - Sport a soft velvet plush scrunchie.

*Content retrieved from Refinery29

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