New Book Released by Niki Smith

Salon Slavery – Cover 2 (1)

In conjunction with Black History Month, noted Beauty Industry veteran and educator, Niki Smith, has released her latest book, Salon Owner/Slavery Ship-How I Broke the Chains of Ownership.

“I Have a Dream” said Martin Luther King. We all have dreams. When you opened your salon you had a dream, a vision, a purpose. Then reality set in, and you feel like your dream is slowly drifting away like a ship in the night. What once was a dream has turned into a nightmare. I’ve watched this play out for over 30 years. In my own career struggles I’ve always had the willingness to seek out whatever info I needed to improve my present situation. And for so many years I struggled with trying to understand why seeking out information and executing it was so difficult for so many salon owners. I enrolled in a professional coaching program which helped me understand the psychology of people better and how “learned helplessness “and the “5 faces of oppression” play such a key role in a person’s ability to adapt to change when needed. From there my journey began. As a young black girl raised in a lower-class family with an extended family living in poverty, I knew all too well about engrained mindsets. Take this journey with me to help unravel how this mindset has permeated our salon business and is one of the top five reasons our BLACK salons are failing. 

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