6 Things Inspiring Paula Peralta

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Sebastian Oropeza (@sebasoropeza)

1 Resilience

The resilience of the beauty industry never ceases to inspire—especially during the last two years. I personally went from being the owner of an eight-chair Paul Mitchell Focus salon to an independent stylist in a private studio. As a group, hairdressers have the ability to adapt and pivot no matter what is thrown our way.

2 Books

As much as I love being on my phone and computer, there’s nothing like diving into a book to learn about a new subject. Whether I’m listening to an audiobook or looking at pages, reading is one of my favorite ways to inspire curiosity—not to mention it’s relaxing and a great source for conversation with guests.

3 Personal Wealth

Years ago, I heard the saying, “Money follows joy, joy does not follow money.” It stuck with me and has inspired me to choose things in my life and businesses that are joyful. Choosing from joy and for the fun of it has not only created revenue, but also inspired a wealth that goes well beyond money in the bank.

4 Community

I spend a fair part of each day on my computer, and I’m always amazed at how it allows me to connect with the world. On video chat and via email, from Australia to England, I’m able to receive and share information for all my businesses that allows my community to keep growing.

5 Home

One of my favorite ways to get my creative juices flowing is decorating my home. Over the years, I’ve made it a point to surround myself with things that inspire and uplift me—items that make me smile or invite me to celebrate the life I’ve created as a hairdresser.

6 Social Media

Social media can be a noisy place, but there are a lot of incredible, inspiring content creators. I’ve enjoyed connecting with accounts that aren’t directly related to the beauty industry—they often inspire me to try new ways of producing my own content.

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