Olaplex Ambassador Chad Kenyon Shares the Inspiration for His Tattoos

Chad Kenyon Hairstylist

Olaplex ambassador and celebrity stylist Chad Kenyon sources angelic art as inspiration for his favorite tattoo. 

My ink marks two very different periods of my life. I had the outside of my right arm and shoulder done while living in Madrid, Spain, during the end of my “partying years.” The only aspect I like about that section of tattoos is the depiction of my English bulldog, Charlie, peeking out at me.

Chad Kenyon Tattoos

The piece of ink that I truly love and cherish is on the inside of my upper right arm. In 2008 I moved from Madrid to Los Angeles to begin my life anew. I worked on myself spiritually, emotionally and physically. Peace of mind and freedom became running themes (and realities) in my new life, and I felt the growing urge to express this new mentality with fresh body art. I loved a painting I had seen that portrayed two angels embracing each other with their strikingly beautiful wings expanded; it exuded a sense of tranquility and serenity. My friend Jesse, a tattoo artist, offered to render this painting on my skin, and I’m thrilled to carry
a depiction of this painting (and feeling!) with me, always.

–As told to Alyson Osterman-Kerr



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