Be An Unbreakable Blonde with AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond

Zotos Agebeautiful Blonde

AGEbeautiful introduces Ultra Bond, a collection of lighteners, hyper lift shades and hair care with built-in bonding.

  • Enforces bonds to strengthen* and protect hair 
  • Infused with bond-building arginine, lysine** and keratin 
  • Leaves hair stronger, shinier and more youthful-looking over time 
  • Lighten, highlight and color with confidence 

Zotos Ultra Bond Lightener Duo

Ultra Bond Powder Lightener+

  • Blue-tone powder
  • Lifts up to 9+ levels
  • On or Off-Scalp application
  • Suitable for bowl & brush

For daily maintenance care, AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond presents the Bond Synergy Collection:

Ultra Bond No.1 Cleanse – Gently cleanses hair and is free of SLS/SLES Sulfates**

Ultra Bond Synergy No.2 Condition – Provides daily conditioning and lasting protection

Ultra Bond Synergy No.2+ Deep Treatment – Provides rich nourishment and lasting protection

Lighten up and experience the joys of blonding with AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond available at Sally Beauty stores nationwide September 2019; visit to find a location near you.

* Combing breakage on damaged hair with Ultra Bond™ Cleanse and Condition/Deep Treatment

**SLS/SLES sulfates = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate

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