Malynda Vigliott on the K-Boom Brow

Straight Brows

Have you ever noticed that a straighter brow creates a more youthful look? Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York is finding that more and more of its clients are coming in for The K-Boom Brow: a long, full, straight brow with less of an arch. “The Insta Brow with all that highlighter looks fake and dated,” says the owner of the popular Manhattan brow bar Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom). “It’s way too much maintenance for the average person.” A straighter brow with only a hint of an arch is easier to achieve because it’s closer to the way the brow naturally grows.

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According to Vigliotti, when crafting a straighter brow, draw an imaginary line from the nostril through the corner of the eye—that’s where the brow should start. Don’t try to shorten it, as the length is part of the appeal. As you work with clients who are growing in their arches, finish off the service with brow powder to fill in the section where the brow arch lifts up, so the fullest part of the brow in front is level with the end of the brow. This adds the illusion of a brow lift while still minimizing the arch. “With a good sculpted brow, you can wear less makeup because it opens up the eye area,” notes Vigliotti, “which makes people look more youthful.” And who doesn’t want that?


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