Hairstyles How To: Megan Fox at the 2013 Golden Globes

OSiS by Schwarzkopf Professional and Sultra collaborated with Renato Campora to create the stunning retro bombshell look for Megan Fox.

Campora confesses, "Megan wanted to have a moment on the red carpet, showing off a more confident, sophisticated and softer side."

1. Starting with wet hair, Renato Campora melanged styling products OSiS Body Me Bodyifying Volume Serum and OSiS Hold Miracle Ultra Strong Cream Mousse, applying the mixture from roots to ends.

2. Next Campora dried hair with the new Sultra Temptress Power Dryer using a round brush. "I love this new blow dryer from Sultra because it cuts down the drying time, locks in moisture and helps reduce frizz," says Campora.

3. To add a bit of definition, he curled ends with the Sultra Bombshell One-Inch Rod Clipless Curling Iron and locked the look with Schwarzkopf Hairspray.

4. To achieve lust-worthy shine, Campora completed the look with OSiS Magic Anti-Freeze Shine Serum, which offers a beautiful smooth, silky-like glossy finish without weighing down hair.

[Image: Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images]


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