How to Successfully Manage Your Salon

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Managing your salon while being a stylist in it is like having to choose between two loves every day.

I opened Suite 115 Salon in Bloomingdale, Illinois thinking I was getting the best of both worlds, but reality hit me shortly after. After feeling torn between the role of salon owner and the role of stylist, I realized that I didn’t have to give up one role in order to live the other; I just had to be smart and strategic about where my time and energy were going.

Here are two tips I discovered for being able to manage your salon while also pursuing your passion as a hairstylist: 

    1. Delegate as much as possible.

    When I decided to carry Bumble and Bumble products in my salon 13 years ago, the company invited me to a three-day class called “Immersion” that was created to teach stylists how to run a successful salon. To this date, this class was one of the most vital pieces in my entrepreneurial puzzle, and I am so grateful to the Bumble and Bumble brand for offering this. Jennifer Sorrentino NovakJennifer Sorrentino NovakCourtesy of @jennovakbeauty

    Right after arriving home from the three-day class in New York City, where I was taught all about delegation and creating a collaborative environment within your salon, I immediately began to list out the tasks I needed to delegate and create job descriptions with those tasks included. I was able to offer these positions to existing stylists and employees in my salon, and everyone felt so important and happy to be part of the day-to-day day functions of the salon. Learning to delegate is key to being able to focus your time and energy on growing your business! 

    2. Be intentional about what you share online.

    Recently, I’ve been working with a public relations company that has taught me a lot about intentionally building your brand. How do you want the world to perceive you? Lately, I’ve been sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes content about my life as a mom, entrepreneur and stylist, and I think it has helped me to learn more about my own story and what I want the world to know about me. As the owner of the salon, you set the tone for the “vibe” of your salon. In today’s world, your “vibe” is the biggest selling point for guests and stylists to choose to come to your salon. 

    Through learning this, I’ve taught my stylists to share just enough about themselves to the digital world so others can feel personally connected and invested. Social media plays a large role in branding and how your business is portrayed, so be sure to use quality content, take time to develop your brand image, and be intentional and personal about what you choose to share online. By building my brand’s image organically, I am able to spend more time pursuing my role as a stylist or focusing on other areas of the business.

    Balancing life as a stylist and salon owner is difficult, but I promise you: It’s doable. By implementing delegation and a quality brand image, you will be on track to get rid of daily miniscule tasks and instead, spend your time focusing on what you love. 

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