Get to Know Honeycomb Hair Salon in Longmont, CO

Emily Avery introduces Beauty Launchpad to Honeycomb Hair Salon in Longmont, Colorado, founded in November 2019.
Emily Avery introduces Beauty Launchpad to Honeycomb Hair Salon in Longmont, Colorado, founded in November 2019.
Courtesy of Honeycomb Hair Salon

Beauty Launchpad is spotlighting the winners of its Top 20 Salons contest for 2024.

Here, Emily Avery introduces us to Honeycomb Hair Salon in Longmont, Colorado, founded in November 2019.


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Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is the backstory of your salon? What motivated you to start your business?

Emily Avery (EA): Growing up, I witnessed my mom climb the success ladder at her company through commitment and determination. She showed me what it was like to be a powerful  business woman in a corporate world! When I began my stylist career, I quickly learned what hard work really meant. I was taught so many valuable lessons by my mentors that still stick with me today. After having my first child, I started thinking about my career long term and realized the Virgo in me was never going to be satisfied working at another person’s speed. I needed to control the ship and ultimately control of my future success. I went back to the person that gave me the most inspiration in life and that was my mom. She invested in my dream early on, and I don’t think either of us could have predicted the success we have seen so far. 

BLP: What was the most challenging thing that happened while opening your salon?

EA: Less than 4 months into opening our doors, we were shut down because of COVID-19. While this brought enormous challenges that caused so many small businesses to close, we  were able to rebound in a massive way that allowed our salon team to triple in size! 

BLP: What is the overall aesthetic of your salon? What inspired you when designing the space? 

EA: I would describe our salon as modern luxury with a cozy vibe. We were lucky enough to  build our salon from the ground up, which allowed us to be very intentional with our design. We compartmentalized the salon from color bar, wash room to finishing stations. This helped us keep the luxury experience from start to finish, while also maximizing our 1800 square foot space.  Emily Avery is the owner of Honeycomb Hair SalonEmily Avery is the owner of Honeycomb Hair SalonCourtesy of Emily Avery

BLP: What services do you provide your clients? Are any of these services signature and/or exclusive to your salon? 

EA: We are a color and extension focused salon. We are home to HNY Extensions. HNY Extensions was created in 2021 and has provided the most luxury extension experience for our partnered salons and in-salon clients! Our signature service at Honeycomb is a full color paired with one or two rows of hand-tied extensions. You can catch us doing transformations all day long!  

BLP: What products are used/retailed in your salon? Do you have a personal favorite? 

EA: We use Paul Mitchell and Redken color products. We retail Paul Mitchell, IGK and Kevin  Murphy. Our personal favorite will always be our OG Paul Mitchell line. They have been with our salon since day one, and the consistency behind the brand is unmatched.  

BLP: What makes your salon unique and stand out? 

EA: Our salon environment is definitely a unique one. I built the foundation of my business from day one with true loyalty and respect. I am a salon owner that mixes business with personal, from my mom being my business partner to my employees that feel like sisters. The way I conduct my business isn’t for everyone, but it’s the reason we’ve maintained a 98% employee retention rate since opening. I do believe our clients feel the consistency in the salon and it creates a welcoming environment for them to be in. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by women empowering women?  

BLP: What takeaway do you hope clients have after a visit at your salon? 

EA: Our end goal is for clients to leave feeling more confident and empowered than when they walked in. The second they sit in our chair, we’ve got their back!  

BLP: What piece of advice would you give to a new salon owner? 

EA: Don’t do it alone. You can’t anticipate challenges, and having a team behind you during those times is what will get you over them. Build a team that you can rise to the top with but also a team that never stops motivating you. Slow down and enjoy the present because growth can still be found in stillness.

BLP: What’s next for your salon? Do you have any goals for the year? 

EA: We have so many goals we are working towards in 2024. Our biggest goal in our path is  expanding our space. 30 employees in an 1800 square foot space isn’t sustainable forever, so stay tuned for a second location announcement very soon! 

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