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This giveaway is valued at $2400 - bringing you the best in color management completely free.

*giveaway includes 1 (one) iPad, up to 3 (three) scales, up to 3 (three) stands, all onboarding costs, and one month free subscription. 

The color bar technology the industry has been waiting for, slashing color spend and generating thousands in profits

The struggle for waste reduction and profitably in the color department is faced by all salons, but with Vish Color Management, salons are taking control of their businesses, waste, and profits. By tracking and refining formulas, capturing 100% of the revenue that walks through the door, and eliminating waste, Vish is helping salons recover thousands every month.

Why Salons Are Choosing Vish

Would you weigh your color bowl at the end of your service if it could save you 40% on your color costs? Most stylists do it just because it also automatically refines their formula so they know the exact amounts of each ingredient that was used on their client. And, they can skip the notes. 

The new color management tech that is taking over salons across the globe has everyone in the salon feeling good. Stylists love the formula and note-taking, the front desk feels in control of client flow and closing out services, and owners and managers are able to accurately manage inventory and cash flow while managing pricing rules to make sure they are always thinking about profit first.

Eliminating color waste is of course about the environment, but it’s also about recovering thousands of dollars invested in color product that is being poured down the drain. Karen Welch, owner of a top-performing color salon in North America says “One of our balayage and toner-heavy designers had a $10.13 average product cost per service —really high for us— but also had $341.21 in product charges we passed along to clients. We would have eaten that expense in the past and lost the revenue”. With Vish, Karen is gaining thousands each month in additional charges. 

On average about two out of every five color tubes are wasted in a typical salon. Top that off with the average of 15% of color services never being charged, it’s no wonder why profit margins are razor-thin in the color department. Vish changes that by putting the owner back in control. How much could you gain with Vish?   

Win an Entire Vish System: 

A complete Vish system and all required accessories, so that there are zero upfront costs to help you in your journey towards sustainable profitability*:  

  • Bluetooth Color Scales: This intelligent color scale connects to the Vish App so that you can measure formula down to the tenth of a gram and capture the exact weights of each product in your formula, ensuring you get that perfect mix every time. 
  • iPad: The Vish App lives on an iPad, giving colorists easy access to their appointments and formulas at the color bar.  
  • iPad Stands: Durable, non-porous, easily- cleaned stands, so that you can ensure your color bar is working seamlessly, and looking clean and polished. 
  • Setup & Education: The Vish team helps you customize your system and then trains you and your team on using Vish. This package includes the whole onboarding experience with stylists and former salon owners that understand why you want to take control of your color business.  
  • First Month Free: Vish is waiving the winner’s first month of subscription, ensuring your team is trained and using Vish to its fullest potential before you pay a dime.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Love it or your money back - you have nothing to lose! 


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