How to Build Client Connections and Boost Salon Success with Social Media

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The coolest thing about the beauty industry right now is that we can connect with our clients between appointments. Twenty years ago, when I was brand-new to the industry, I couldn’t do that. I had no way of knowing what was going on in my clients’ lives on a consistent basis. While this gave us plenty to talk about during appointments, it felt like I was missing out on deeper connections and relationships.

Fast-forward to today: Social media has changed all that. We now have a way to connect and build stronger relationships with our clients and—get ready for this—create more income for our businesses. Let’s pause here and check that feeling of discomfort we get whenever we think about charging more or having the “money talk”; I’ve seen that a lot in our industry. Whether you’re a salon owner, commission-based stylist, chair/booth-renter or an employee, there’s this idea that we can’t do hair and have financial success. That’s simply untrue!

Social media helps bring financial success by giving stylists opportunities to keep those connections and relationships with clients alive even when they’re not in our chair. It allows us to educate clients on products, services and maintenance. It gives clients a peek into our lives. All of that leads to trust, and I believe spending is built on trust. Your clients have to like, know and trust you before they’ll spend a single dime. Social media is the perfect platform to build that trust and begin to see the cash flow in—not only by getting people in your chair, but by promoting your online shops. Many of my students launched online stores in 2020, promoted them with social media, and get this: The business they gained from it was enough to replace the income they lost while in lockdown.

I wish social media was around when I was first starting out because it is such a great tool to promote your business, build trust with your clients, and generate the income you need to not only survive, but thrive.

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