In the Fix

In the FixErase errant smudges and stray lines—or prevent them from ever happening—with these cosmetics correctors and fixatives.

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Emani Cosmetics Magic Sealer allows you to apply eye shadow without any creasing. The water-soluble sealer neutralizes oils on the eyelids, allowing pigment to adhere while retaining vibrancy and a silky finish.

Quick-drying, non-oily and alcohol-free i Nuovi Fixit makes loose powders and glitter cling to skin, providing results that stay put.

Applied over lipstick and lip liner, Sormé Magique Seal Lipstick Fixative ensures that lipstick doesn’t run astray for up to eight hours, while vitamins, aloe vera, rosemary and chamomile smooth and nourish the lips.

One swipe of the Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge, and all your makeup woes will disappear! The washable, durable sponge easily wipes away excess makeup. Erase errant smudges and stray lines—or prevent them from ever happening— with these cosmetics correctors and fixatives.

A little dab will do ya when cleaning up makeup messes with Brush Up with Barbara Pink Flocked Sponge. Use it dry to blend away dark lines and other makeup mishaps.

Right small makeup wrongs with Kryolan Make-Up Corrector, a makeup remover pen that allows for precise corrections. Bonus! Refills are available.

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