Trend Watch: Stylists Predict 2016's Biggest Hair Trends

2016 is in full swing and, like any year, this one is sure to bring an array of new, old and updated hair trends. From new styles, to innovative cuts and exciting colors, we asked stylists what they think will be the biggest trends of 2016. Flip through the slideshow below to find out what looks are sure to be cropping up on red carpets and in salons everywhere this year!

*Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

  • "For 2016, texture and shape are driving color into new dimensions and placement. With color melting placements from peekaboo accents to full head color and tones ranging from natural to pastel jewel tones, hair is more personal than ever. So what's out? Getting the color your friends have and long, straight, flat-ironed hair. 2016 is finally the year for new looks that don't look like trends we have seen before." -Patrick McIvor  

    "I think big, warm, natural, unkempt 70's hair is where it's at." -@ iwearblackallday via Instagram

    "My trend prediction is for the lob to become the "wob" - aka, the wavy bob as seen on Jennifer Lawrence in the film Joy. [The look is] shorter in length than the lob [and] more structured, but [echoes catwalk trends] of slightly less volume with width at the bottom - just like the clothing. Color is more natural, moving away from the pastel craze, but we have the 80's rave influence of bright acid color to counterbalance this. Texture plays its part once again, following the frayed and scalloped edges of clothing [trends]. We also spotted more twisted braids and ends left free with texture as the go-to [look] for resort styling." -Gary Baker, Creative Director, UNITE
    "Lots of color with trendy accent cuts to go with them, be it short or long - the industry can get ready to put their Olaplex on and go to coloring." -Damenion Wilson via Facebook



  • "2016 is going to be the year of nonchalant sexiness. That means the industry is going to be seeing more natural texture, loose movement and styles that allow women to embrace who they are and their own organic style without being told 'what’s up.'" -Marylle Koken, International Artistic Team Member, Sebastian Professional

    "For short hair, pixies and asymmetrical bobs are going to stay in. Long hair, hands down, is going to sweep everyone away - it already is. Everyone is going to want that sexy, layered, Victoria's Secret Angel hair. As the silver hair makes its way to becoming a normal thing, not only will pastels stay popular, but the golden bayalage and hair painting is going to make a huge difference this year. Already, a lot of my clients are more comfortable with having a warmer tone in their hair, which is making me super excited!" -Cassandra Levine via Facebook

    "Bold cuts, metallics and muted hues will be huge." -@ excellenthairsalon via Instagram

    "Block colors and blunt waves!" -Taylor Lowe via Facebook

    "I think were going to be seeing a ton of balayage and colormelts combined, like a balayage love child! More beautiful pops of color where and when it's not expected, or softer tones and hues of unexpected balayaged colors. I'm really excited to try new things and get my hands dirty!" -@ danie_blue82 via Instagram



  • "I think a lot of matte pastels, beige and gold tones in modern 60's mod style." -@ carahsollins via Instagram

    "Metallics/pastel and smokey tones/90s grunge." -Sara Hinckley via Facebook

    "#Underlights for sure!" -Ruby Devine via Facebook

    "Metallics are finally making the current rounds, but if you wanna be ahead think ribbon-y rubys, bronzes and golds. Chunky cuts - not 90's chunk - but 60's 70's THICKNESS." -@ sandybeans via Instagram

    "Style-wise, I predict contrast. A big airy braid stemming from a super sleek pony. Or a super textured crown leading into a tight infinity braid. Haircut-wise, again, contrast. We are starting to see blunt Betty bangs on a textured bob, we see natural textured waves with a blunt base line. On the contrary, color has been where we get our contrast for years - I think it is going to take a back seat and let the cut and style have that impact for us and move to a more understated residence. 'Gr-eige,' mauve, and other matte tones are my prediction for color trends!" -@ stylistshannonnicole via Instagram


  • "Holographic hair with a digital hair feather. I predicted a lot of smoky tones mixed with neon pastels and smoky, muted pastels." -Ash Fortis via Facebook

    "Clever combos of mattes, metallics and naturals; creating dimensional harmony will rule in 2016. It's the perfect option now that you're ready to move on from the recent neons and bright color-blocking. It allows the wearer to transit back to more natural colors without feeling 'blah.' Texture will remain and reign this season, taking it to another level. Think bigger and bolder! 'Undone' blowouts, choppy bangs and piecey layers are arranged with a 70's vibe. Its unkempt couture!" -@ thehairsprayqueen via Instagram

    "Dusty vivid colors! My guests have been loving how their hair fades so much they're asking for me to maintain the fades results versus when they were super vibrant." -Blake Reed Evans via Facebook

    "Texture. Even the straight hair is asking for beachy waves. Braids are fatter and fluffed. Crimping hair for more air in updos." -@ robertrsell via Instagram

    "Matte hues, perms, medium length cuts, and micro braids." -@ akstarkey via Instagram


  • "Silvers and bold colors mixed!" -Philip Ring via Facebook

    "Texture will be big! Natural tones that have added dimension with color and strong lines, cuts with shattered interiors. Braids mixed with large-barrel irons provide this natural curl look through the hair." -@ stacey.neudorf via Instagram

    "Anything emulating 90's grunge. So, kind of messy, second-day hair; dry shampoo; blunt haircuts; eye-grazing bangs; muted fashion colors - not so bold and bright; Ecaille color." -Bobbie Sue Baker via Facebook

    "I see hidden placement being bigger moving forward. Opposites attract with cool and warm tones, intentional placement of peekaboos underneath, and cooler metallic background with neon flashes to keep our eyes guessing!" -Ambrosia Carey via Facebook

    "Splashlights for sure! Vibrantly-colored 'new growth' with either a dark mid to ends, or level 11 platinum! Highlights will never leave so those will still be popular I believe." -Diana Hurst via Facebook



  • "I think natural hair texture is going to be big - less straightener, more wand and product sells to rid fly-aways and for an easier 'do' in the mornings! As far as haircut, longer bobs (shoulder length) in one-length and asymmetrical will be super hot this year. As far as color, pixelated will fade out. Mermaid hair will be big until spring, fall, especially with new growth being a new color. I picture reds/natural-looking coppers and strawberry blondes making a comeback (all natural-looking except for bright intense reds). Natural hair colors with less maintenance rather than harsh foil lines. Maybe balayage but with bold colors painted through, as well as blonde shades. Underneath highlights are starting to circle around now - I think more will consider it because it hides the bold colors for work. Greys will fade, rose gold's will be super hot! Colors that change under different lighting will come be big! Updos will go to more 'messy looks' and continue on with braids rather than the elegant, perfected look!" -Abbeye Kunz via Facebook

    "I'm thinking for short hair: 60s-inspired structure cuts (sharp geometric shapes) will come back. For long hair: 90s-inspired 'I don't care' hair - loose and long and lived-in. Color will also be 'lived-in,' but with shades or fashion colors either faded in or highlighted in." -Andee Fairfax via Facebook

    "Mettallics, pastel tones but with an opaque look, center parts, blunt cuts to the collar bone." -Danni Gambino via Facebook

    "Silver! Fades! Braids!" -Julio Ramoss via Facebook

    "Matte neutral back rounds and more of a tone-on-tone blended dimension. Bold vibrant jewel-tone type colors for vivids." -Carli Ambrose via Facebook


  • "Soft texture cuts to natural waves, lob bobs, asymmetrical, heavy weight with soft movement through color, balayaged dark chocolate browns to latte blonde colors. Soft, flowing, brown reds to true saturated red tones. Golden copper browns progressing to saturated coppers. Break up those ombrés and shine those barrels on your irons - move over flat-irons, soft sultry movement is here! Clients want product-perfect hair, a trendy polished cut to their texture, customized color to pop the movement, ironing to necessity and mood." -@ maremchale via Instagram

    "Underlights! All sorts of colors - naturals and rainbows! The topknot is a big thing now, so let's show off the under color!" -Gianna Cavalieri via Facebook

    "Shadow roots, lobs, underlights, metallics, balayage and extremely short pixies (aka chick fades)." -Cait Annihilate via Facebook

    "Peekaboo color will be big with clients trying to express themselves in a professional setting. In the fashion world, it will be rainbow colors and new placement techniques that really boost the industry, color-wise. Man braids, blunt cuts (to hide fun color) and undercuts will still be big this year too." -Jennifer Smith via Facebook

    "I definitely think the rose color is going to be super popular, and colored roots." -Kristen Rankin via Facebook


  • "I think cuts will continue being more blunt, long minimal layers and around shoulder length! Color will be 2 scenarios: more subtle with many different balayage techniques, AND more vibrant shades such as violet, teal and blue, also using the balayage method instead of peekaboos and foiling!" -Adeline Mae Hutmacher via Facebook

    "Iridescent tones!" -Amanda Starkey via Facebook

    "Fringe, messy bangs! Blunt cuts and curls! Dark colors!" -Cristian Fig via Facebook

    "Blunt cuts and more bold fringe, as well as 'Metallica.' Dark darks and light lights! Natural color pattern but a not-so-natural color. Melted shades. Derivatives of what we have been seeing with more of a confidence behind them!" -Erin Wheaton via Facebook




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