Malibu C Lead Artist Anthony Barnhill Showcases a Rooty Blonde

Anthony Barnhill showcases a rooty blonde that rings as hot this winter as it will come spring. 

For Malibu C lead artist Anthony Barnhill, blondes are always in fashion—during both the cool- and warm-weather months. And as revealed in this month’s cover look, the tonality of the blonde need not lean toward either end of the axen spectrum to be au courant: “My goal with my model was to create something that played between cool and warm,” Barnhill explains. “Our starting canvas was uneven and over-toned; I wanted to create something softer-looking, but with a bit of an edge.” Mission accomplished.

Get the Look

Step 1: Prep hair with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo > pH9 Shampoo and Malibu C Blondes Wellness Remedy to remove mineral and product buildup. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse well, and shampoo again with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo > pH9 Shampoo.

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Step 2: For the Color Melt, use three demipermanent cool-tone colors (used here: Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome A7, Matrix Color Sync 6A and Oligo Professionnel Calura 7-2 with demi developer) to create a neutral shade by canceling out unwanted warmth sans adding extra brown or tan to the color. Rather than mix all three colors together, use a layering color technique to soften and control to avoid over-deposition.

Step 3: To help soften the mid-lengths and ends, allow processing to fully complete before bringing the color through with a color comb. (A blending brush from Olivia Garden works well, too.)

Step 4: Mix Malibu C Concentr8 Colours Primary Red and Primary Blue to create a violet hue. Add a small amount of the mixture to Malibu C Color-Lock Masque to keep results from becoming too ashy. Apply to the client’s hair and leave on accordingly for desired results.

Key Products 

Malibu C lead artist Anthony Barnhill


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[Images: Courtesy of Malibu C]

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