Turning the titian tide, models Vlada Roslyakova and Coco Rocha rock rubicund for the fall 2009 runways.

Golden Apricot Child

For Vlada Roslyakova, the demands of an ad campaign dictated her switch from sandy blonde to strawberry red. “Her hair was dyed red on her job for designer Christian Lacroix’s new Absynthe fragrance, and we decided to keep the color for the fall show season,” shares her agent, Matt Holloway, of Women Management. Yet, this newly transformed redhead needed to stand apart from her fellow model citizens. That’s where Laurie Foley of L’Atelier de Laurie in New York’s East Village came into play.

Foley is well known in fashion circles for morphing models’ mane color; she “turned the titians” for both Sophie Dahl and Kirsten Owen, and most recently, Iris Strubegger for the July 2009 Vogue story “A Star is Shorn.” “Vlada’s agency wanted her color to be more vibrant, yet they wanted it to be ‘her’ red,” says Foley, relating that the astounding apricot coloration she created allows Roslyakova to “be her own star instead of a replica of somebody else on the runways.”

Though Roslyakova’s skin is porcelain-fair, Foley notes that the model’s baby blues, which shine with a hint of aqua-green, allowed her to craft a haircolor that “has warmth; it’s a golden, sun-shiny apricot.” And the newbie redhead is equally sun-shiny about the look: “You know how redheads are,” laughs Foley. “When Vlada comes in to freshen up her color, she’s all grins and smiles.”

[for•mu•la bar]: 

Client: Vlada Rosylakova
Haircolor: Wella Professionals
Existing Color: Strawberry blonde faded to a muddy level 9
Natural Level: 8/7
Hair Texture: Fine, medium density
Hair Condition: Dry
Prework: Wella Professionals Performance Plus (porosity)

Base #1: Koleston Perfect, 60 ml 8/43 (red gold), 60 ml 9/38 (very light blonde/gold pearl), 40 ml 8/34 (light gold red blonde), 40 ml 9/2 (light matte blonde natural gold), 3” 0/33 (gold intensive), 3” 0/43 (red orange), 2” 028 (green-blue) + 20-volume developer
Base #2: Add 2” 0/33 and 2” 0/43 to Base #1


  1. Apply Base #1 to regrowth only; process for 15 minutes.
  2. Pull Base #2 through mid-shaft.
  3. Starting at the nape, immediately pull Base #2 through ends; process for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Images: Andreea Angelescu; Nathalie Lagneau/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for IMG; Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty Images;
Retouching: Karie L. Frost

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