7 Fashion Forward Hair Colors in Time for Music Festival Season

Festival season isn’t complete without the fashion-forward hair colors that only seem to get more daring as each year passes. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, something more fun and innovative comes along. From soft metallic shades to bold mermaid hues, we’ve compiled the hottest color formulas that your clients will covet at Coachella and beyond.

  • Multidimensional Mermaid

    Created by Aloxxi artistic advisor Rocco and national team member Robertina Martinez, this look allows clients to participate in the popular mermaid hair trend without committing to allover color.


    FORMULA A: Blue Iightener with 30-vol. developer

    FORMULA B: TONES 3V + 4XR with 7-vol. developer

    Ultra Hot:

    FORMULA 1: Black

    FORMULA 2: Neon Teal

    FORMULA 3: Neon Green

    1) Apply ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment.

    2) Pre-lighten four panels off-scalp with Formula A. Place one on the top left, two on the left side, and one on the right side. Develop, rinse and apply ColourLock Post-Color Finisher. Towel-dry hair and secure panels.

    3) Apply Formula B to all hair that isn’t secured. Working with a color paddle, apply Formula 1, blending into Formula 2, blending into Formula 3 on panels. Secure in foil.

    4) Develop, then rinse thoroughly and apply ColourLock Post-Color Finisher.

  • Pretty in Pink

    Just as bold pinks are in fashion, so are softer tones like this beautiful color by the John Paul Mitchell Systems artistic team. It’s sweet as a magical cotton candy sunset.


    POP XG Pink Flamingo + a dot of POP XG Pink

    1) Pre-lighten hair.

    2) Apply POP XG Pink Flamingo + a dot of POP XG Pink mixed with Super Charged Moisturizer.

    3) Process for 30 minutes and rinse.

  • Heavy Metal

    Rusk artists Kiki Rose and Maybe Saylor team up to create this stunning multitonal look that incorporates the season’s hottest metallic shades: lilac, pink and silver.


    FORMULA A: 1 part Deepshine Direct Purple to 3 parts Deepshine Direct Clear

    FORMULA B: 1 part Deepshine Direct Pink to 3 parts Deepshine Direct Clear

    FORMULA C: 1 part Deepshine Direct Green to 3 parts Deepshine Direct Clear

    1) Pre-lighten using Deepshine White Luminating Powder Lightener with Deepshine Enhancing Cream Developer 20-vol. Apply the formula rst from mid-shafts through the ends, then return to the root area for further application. Process up to 45 minutes, or until a pale yellow has been achieved. Rinse and dry.

    2) Apply a heavy partial foil, using two of the three accent formulas.

    3) Once the foils are complete, fully saturate equal parts Deepshine Demi 9.11AA + 10.11AA with Deepshine Balancing Lotion from roots to ends in between all existing foils. Process 35 minutes, rinse and dry.

  • Majestic Marble

    What’s blue and pink and pretty all over? This marbled peony look concocted by Matrix artistic director Chrystofer Benson and Matrix Canada artistic educator Mat Johnson. This is the perfect color for the client who wants to make a statement wherever she goes.


    FORMULA A: 1:1 Light Master + 30 Volume Matrix Cream Developer + Bond Ultim8

    FORMULA B: Color Sync Watercolors Sapphire Blue + Clear with 7-vol. developer

    FORMULA C: Color Sync Watercolors Smokey Lilac

    FORMULA D: Color Sync Watercolors Rose Gold

    FORMULA E: Color Sync Watercolors Sheer Bronze

    All Color Sync formulas mixed with equal parts 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer

    Section hair into quadrants.

    1) Starting -inch away from the scalp apply Formula A to mid-lengths through the ends. Process until /3 of lightness is achieved. Mix fresh batch of Formula A; apply to new growth area.

    2) Process until desired lightness is achieved, or up to 50 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Cleanse using Total Results Alternate Action Shampoo and blow dry.


    1) Apply Formula B to new growth area, leaving out the fringe section.

    2) Next, create -inch to 1-inch horizontal sub-section, applying Formulas C, D and E in geometric shapes and angles. Feather the colors together with a dry brush, making sure not to melt.

    3) Continue to repeat this application method around the head until complete. Apply Formula D to fringe section.

    4) Process for up to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


  • Violet Vixen

    Purple is the color of passion, and one of the hottest festival hues at present. Give your client this stunning shade known as MAGnicent Violet, courtesy of Celeb Luxury artist Dawn Eudy.

    1) Pre-lighten to a level 10 from scalp to ends using an oil-based lightener.

    2) Apply Viral Colorditioner with BondFix Magenta on scalp area to create a deep shadow.

    3) Color melt with Viral Colorditioner with BondFix in Lilac, slightly overlapping the Magenta and Lilac, then melting to the ends. The overlap of the two colors creates an ultra-violet formula.

    4) Time the Colorditioners for 20 minutes on dry hair, then rinse.

  • Blue Jean Baby

    The bolder and brighter the better, as is the case with this iridescent topaz hue conceived by Wendy Bond, Lakmé national director of education.

    1) Pre-lighten with 30g of k.blonde Ammonia-Free Bleaching Cream, mixed with 60g of 30-vol. Hydrox Developer to palest blonde for 50 minutes.

    2) Rinse with Color Stay Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Treatment. Once fully rinsed, use 30g of Chroma 0/70, a blue mix-tone with 30g of Gloss 0/00 and mixed with 100g of Gloss Developing Emulsion, 6 vol. Process for 20 minutes.

  • Blonde Babe

    Festival season is the kick-off for summer styles and trends, and what better way to look beachy and boho than as a blonde? Schwarzkopf Professional global color ambassador Lesley Jennison dreamed up this axen shade that will bring out your client’s inner beach babe.

    1) Create face-framing babylights with Vario Bleach with 3%.

    2) Balayage with Igora Royal 10/21 + 12% and Vario Bleach with 6%.

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