The Z.One Concept Pure Collection was Inspired by Transparency

Transparency–both in color and in humanity–is brought to the forefront in concept's compelling artistic endeavor.

In Pure, the latest collection from concept, the artistic team examines the notion of absolute purity and interprets this concept through colors they deem transparent: Flaxen-blonde shades meld into translucent blushes, and caramel colors seamlessly blend with chestnut strands. “In a world that demands transparency, sincerity and awareness, creativity and the desire for self-expression is of utmost importance,”shares the artistic team.“That’s why the models in our compilation take on different volumes, hues, tones, and the like ... they’re an example of every multifaceted woman—but one who reveals, rather than conceals, her whole persona to the world.”

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  • Clear as Day

    The looks in the collection are imbued with a“transparent effect”to blur color lines and make boundaries less evident.

  • Shape Up

    “The hair shapes in our work strike a perfect balance between geometry and artistic imperfection,echoing the individual’s desire for coherence in an emotionally taxing world,”explains the artistic team.

  • She's a Rainbow

    The Pure woman is authentic and creative, unafraid to show her full breadth and depth of dimension—both physical and emotional—to onlookers.

  • Strike Harmony

    Tones and styling work in tandem to evoke the wearer’s authentic self, lending transparency in terms of who she is as a human being.

  • Full Spectrum

    “In an era dedicated to expressing one’s emotions, the Pure woman taps color to convey her thoughts,” says the artistic team.


Photographer: Fabio Leidi; Colorist: Marzia Benedetti, Hugo Ferreira; Stylist: David Baker, Samantha Favetto



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