The Sassoon Academy Blends Avant-Garde and Wearable Techniques

In an age where collective action is usurping the cult of personality, the Sassoon Academy seeks a departure from celeb-driven hair trends and instead opts for a more outré aesthetic based on the wearer’s own authenticity. “Our Function collection takes inspiration from the work of documentary photographer August Sander (1876-1964), who spent decades creating a collective portrait of the German people and documenting the country’s change from a rural to industrial economy,” explains Mark Hayes, international creative director for Sassoon Academy. “His portfolio of people spanned the social classes; bricklayers and clerks were shot alongside bankers and bureaucrats.” Just as all types of citizens were represented through Sander’s work, the Sassoon Academy team seeks to broaden the definition of what it means to be a standard beauty—all through the various looks they craft. Says Richie Rivera, North American color director, “We’re redefining the idea of one ideal fitting all.”

  • A layered look features disconnected lengths that add a jagged angularity to the finished style. Curved triangular sections of soft grays work to enhance the details of the cut.

  • The hair’s highly crafted shape features a shorter, graduated area and longer, concealed, disconnected layering that is complemented by a classic foil technique comprised of French navy and cool brown.

  • A contemporary combination of a heavy fringe, intricate disconnected layering and highlighting weaves graduate up the head in shades of ice white and rose pink, culminating in a look that is both commercial and versatile.

  • This distinctive style incorporates subtle tones of lilac gray and a highlighted veil of cool blonde that adds depth—an innovative take on the iconic Sassoon layered looks of the ’70s.

  • Punk influences this ’do, which is made of diamond- shaped sections in shades of dusty lilac and indigo.

  • This haircut is all about attention to detail: Square disconnected panels and scissor and clipper work are combined with tones of dark blue placed through a cool brown base to highlight definition and lend visual interest.


[Hair: The Sassoon Academy International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes; Makeup: Daniel Kolaric; Styling: Mathilde Dutheil; Photographer: Benjamin Vnuk]


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