The Medusa Hair Team's Underground Collection

The Medusa Hair team explores both the dark and light nuances of women.

Blending modern urban vibes with a classic beauty aesthetic, the Medusa Hair team in Edinburgh, Scotland, unveils its Underground collection, encapsulating both the darkness and lightness of femininity. Unique hair shapes blend with dynamic color, inviting onlookers to truly linger on the wearers when a passing glance simply won’t do. “Color was critical to this collection, but it had to appear a bit softer than the very stylized hair,” explains Colin McAndrew, Medusa Hair art team leader. “The softer colors can be just as powerful as the styles; it’s all about the right balance.”

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  • Greek Goddess

    In this Grecian-inspired look, the Medusa Hair team relays how, “The style simultaneously evokes classic vibes with its smoothness and chaos through its frothiness."

  • Feeling Blue

    Harnessing color to render the concept of movement was key to this look. The salon team juxtaposed dark with blue to pull out depth and make the hair dance.

  • Sh's Come Undone

    This look merges both undone structure and classic styling for a perfect balance.

  • Amber Glow

    An amber hue lends warmth along with high-octane shine, adding a touch of femininity to a more masculine avant-garde shape.


[Hair: Colin McAndrew at Medusa; Photography: Jarred; Makeup: Ingrid Perignia; Styling: Medusa]



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