Stylists Share Top Men's Styles to Look for in 2017

We are just about two months into the new year. New styles and new trends are bound to pop up everywhere. With this in mind, we spoke to a few talented barbers and asked them to give us a sneak peek into the styles we should expect to see this year. From classic comebacks to textured hair, we're excited for what this year in men's grooming has to offer. 

  • @barber.josh.o.p - Josh O'meara-Patel

    “I think to ask which styles are going to be popular this year is a tough question. I think this year will see people stray away from skin fades. Tapers are coming in strong and becoming very popular. That said, I’m still a big fan of skin face on the right client. But the tapers will alow for a classic look to be maintained, this alongside the ever increasing creativity in men’s hairstyles I think will see a lot of classic tapers with modern twists.”

  • @mrjladner - J Ladner
    “Mens grooming right now is exciting for our industry because we are seeing a variety of styles and versatility from each guest coming into the salon. My favorite trend for 2017 is the medium length on the sides and a textured top for style versatility. It allows for more style options for the modern man. Cutting with shears allows for a tailored to fit haircut that puts more value in their experience.

    * to create this texture style I used Mitch Matterial for a strong hold. My favorite styling clay. 

  • @iamdanielwinter - Daniel Winter
    “It's not so much a cut that will be popular it's more the reintroduction of heavy texture and movement. Once the aftermath of the dreaded undercut is over I think guys will start reincorporating style-able length on the side with a nice graduated shape with heavy texture and a more natural finish.”

  • @mrsimonharvey​ - Simon Harvey
    “In my opinion the pompadour is the most confident of all styles. It opens the face completely up and is so versatile. It can be worn loose, wavy, sleep, parted, pretty much however you wish to wear it, It’s my favourite cut because it’s all about flow, shape and structure. The bald fade enhances the man’s masculinity, as the sides become a continuation of the gent’s jawline. The bigger the pomp, the bigger the attitude


[Images: Josh O'meara-Patel, J Ladner, Daniel Winter, Simon Harvey]

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