Sassoon Debuts "Androgyne" at ISSE Long Beach

On Sunday, January 31, the Sassoon creative team, led by International Creative Director Mark Hayes, presented the Androgyne collection at this year's International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach, CA. Members of the Sassoon Creative Team took center stage to cut and color models' hair live before a packed audience of beauty professionals.

Broken into three parts, Androgyne is characterized by gender fluidity and neutrality. The first part, Morocco, was inspired by the gothic aesthetic, with inky black hues and pops of blood-red dappling the collection. Evocative of its namesake country, Androgyne's first part was all about deep, dark decadence.

Fallen Angels, the second part of the Androgyne collection had a distinctly ethereal feel with models clothed in drapey, all-white ensembles with artistic touches of white powder adorning the skin. Keeping with the white-on-white theme, the hair was all about colorlessness and a mix of boyish lengths paired with longer, ethereal layering.

The third and final part of the Androgyne collection, dubbed Gutter Snipes, was pure charisma. Inspired by the scruffy "street urchins" of Victorian England, Gutter Snipes was boisterous, loud, and fun, characterized by distinctly-cut shapes and dusty, "antique" hair colors.

Pulling the three parts together, Androgyne was reminiscent of the menswear worn by women in the 1920's, as well as the feminine-inspired looks of Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, in the 1960's. With this androgynous theme throughout, the three distinct parts of Androgyne became a cohesive, seamless whole.

Capping off Sassoon's ISSE 2016 presentation, the winner of the Sassoon Academy School Connection Cut and Color Contest was announced during the show. Of the three finalists brought onstage, Michelle Avila of the Cameo College of Essential Beauty took home the grand prize - a 4-week intensive course at Sassoon's Santa Monica Academy.

Flip through our slideshow below to see more from Sassoon's presentation of Androgyne at ISSE 2016!

  • The stage is set at Sassoon's ISSE 2016 presentation.

  • The Sassoon Creative Team takes the stage for live hair cutting and coloring.

  • Models are prepped for their upcoming presentation of Androgyne.

  • Models are prepped for their upcoming presentation of Androgyne.

  • Two finished looks

  • International Creative Director Mark Hayes preps a model for the Fallen Angels portion of the show.

  • The finished looks

  • The Androgyne collection is kicked off with the presentation of part one, Morocco.

  • Dark, mysterious elegance characterized part one, Morocco.

  • Part two of Androgyne, Fallen Angels takes the stage.

  • Fallen Angels was all about ethereal, colorless beauty.

  • A look created by International Creative Director Mark Hayes during the Fallen Angels portion of Androgyne

  • Tonality, rather than sharp contrast, defined part two, Fallen Angels.

  • A loud burst of upbeat music brought part three, Gutter Snipes, to life.

  • Victorian England elements paired perfectly with androgynous cuts and colors during Gutter Snipes.

  • The full Gutter Snipes portion of the Androgyne collection

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