Runway Report: Backstage with GO24·7 and UNITE

GO24·7 and UNITE recently went backstage at Milan Milano Moda Uomo Autumn/Winter 2016, a 4-day fashion event in Milan, Italy. Stylist Jan Przemyk created an array of looks for the various fashion shows, including tousled, textured men's looks, intricate braids, windswept strands, and more. Recreate these fashion-forward looks with the how-tos in the slideshow below.


    Hair by Jan Przemyk for GO24·7

    Hair Inspiration
    Full of personality, snowboard grunge, 90’s-influenced from the collection. Heavy hair, product heavy, unusual.  

    Get The Look:

    1. First, dampen the hair.
    2. Next, using GO24·7 Conditioner, dry in a reasonable amount to create a waxy base.
    3. Add a casual center parting.
    4. Apply GO24·7 Grooming Cream to create a lived-in feel.
    5. Finish with GO24·7 Conditioner to reveal the hair's "attitude."

  • DAKS

    Hair by Jan Przemyk for GO24·7

    Hair Inspiration
    Hair was influenced by the Bright Young Things of the 1920s, with foppish hair and key texture statements.

    Get The Look:

    1. Spritz the hair with water and apply GO24·7 Hair Gel for support.
    2. Dry into the hair on a cold setting, squeezing in the GO24·7 Hair Gel to create the texture at the front.
    3. Whether or not wearing a hat, dressing the hair with GO24·7 Control Spray to complete the look, which emphasizes elements of textured curl.


    Hair by Jan Przemyk for GO24·7

    Hair Inspiration
    The men's hair look was rock star-inspired, windswept, airy with confident expression. The women's hair was inspired by the outdoors - out of the car onto the runway, the hair was designed to flow across the face with a fragile cobweb texture. Beautifully dis-arranged.

    Get The Look (Men):

    1. Wet the hair down with water to begin.
    2. Apply GO24·7 Hair Gel and continue to dry into the hair.
    3. Dry the hair across and on to the face.
    4. Then, using a small amount of GO24·7 Pomade, apply evenly for shine and definition.
    5. Finish with GO24·7 Control Spray for hold.

    Get the Look (Women):

    1. To prep, dress the hair with its natural fall.
    2. Using UNITE BEACH DAY and UNITE BOOSTA with water, spray onto the hair.
    3. Dry the product into the hair to its natural direction.
    4. Then, braid the hair into a "two stem braid," either at the side or back depending on suitability.
    5. Deconstruct the braid, manipulating it into a much softer structure.
    6. Spray the braid with UNITE TEXTURIZA, rubbing the hair with finger tips to create the friction needed to deliver a cobweb finish.
    7. Finish with UNITE GO365 Hairspray on light setting while blow-drying lightly to deliver that "out of the car" look.


Images courtesy of Pickle PR

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