Recreate The Best Beauty Looks from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Stars shined at the 2017 Golden Globes with a little help from their talented beauty teams. We've got all the behind-the-scenes details straight from the stylists, makeup artist and nail artists who made it all happen. Flip through the slideshow below to find out how to recreate these looks hot off the red carpet!

  • Sarah Jessica Parker's Flawless Face

    Makeup artist: Leslie Lopez
    Inspiration: “All of the best makeup applications begin with a solid foundation — the skin,” said Lopez. “You cannot create beautiful, long-lasting makeup without first preparing the skin."

    Get the Look:

    1. To prep the skin, make it feel smooth and velvety, and give it a radiant youthful glow, Lopez applied Doctor Babor Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules to the face, neck and décolleté while Sarah was getting her hair done. “The ampoules provided such an amazing natural and youthful glow, that I only needed to apply a very minimal amount of foundation and blush,” said Lopez.
    2. To give the skin 100% moisture, Lopez sprayed Babor’s Thermal Spray over the face, before beginning the skincare treatment.
    3. To reduce fine lines, enhance the skin’s natural collagen production, and give the skin radiance and a youthful appearance, Lopez applied Babor’s Collagen Cream.
    4. To reduce dark circles and “give the eyes a luminizing effect,” Lopez applied Doctor Babor Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream under and around the eyes.
    5. For a bold, dramatic eye, Lopez applied Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Charcoal across the entire lid followed by Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Moonlight in the center of the lid to lighten the eye. She then used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Tuxedo in the inside of the eye.
    6. To intensify the look even further and give her “more freedom to make the eye stronger and bigger,” Lopez used Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays, applying the Metallik Platinum shade with the Laura Mercier Clay Smudge Brush.
    7. To set the makeup and “give a dewy and glowing finish,” Lopez sprayed Babor’s Thermal Spray across the face once more.
  • Amy Adams' Dark and Daring Nails

    Manicurist: Deborah Lippmann
    Inspiration: “I absolutely love working with Amy Adams,” said Lippmann, “she’s wearing a stunning Tom Ford dress. She wanted to be a little more adventurous for the nails tonight. The entire glam squad weighed in! Between the dark, shimmery dress and bold Cartier jewelry, I created a strong, dark color to perfectly complement her look!”

    Get the Look:

    1. Deborah prepped the nails using her signature 5-step manicure technique. First, she cleansed the nails with The Stripper nail lacquer remover, shaped the nails with her Smooth Operator 4-way nail buffer, exfoliated with Cuticle Remover, and hydrated the hand and nails with Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream and The Cure, respectively.  
    2. Deborah applied a layer of Gel Lab Base Coat to correct and conceal imperfections, brighten, prime and fill ridges for a smooth flawless finish before lacquer application.
    3. Next, she applied one coat of the rich aubergine nail lacquer, Dark Side Of The Moon.
    4. Then, she applied a layer of magnetic, red-burgundy, Single Ladies, for an intensely deep finish.
    5. She topped off the look with a layer of Gel Lab Top Coat.
    6. After allowing the nails to dry one minute, she applied a drop of the new quick dry drops, The Wait Is Over.
  • Ruth Negga's Baby Pink Nails

    Manicurist: Julie Kandalec
    Inspiration: A sheer, skin tone-complementing pink

    Get the Look:

    1. For Ruth’s manicure, Kandalec used Red Carpet Manicure Candid Moment LED Gel Polish.
    2. For her pedicure, Kandalec used Red Carpet Manicure Dripping in Luxury LED Gel Polish.
  • Blake Lively's Modern French Twist

    Stylist: Rod Ortega
    Inspiration: A modern take on the classic French twist

    Get the Look:

    1. “I started by washing her hair with L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner,” said Ortega, “then finger-dried at the roots with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer and used the T3 Anti-Gravity Round Brush to smooth the whole head. Expert Tip: When drying, lift up from the root to achieve maximum volume.
    2. “Once her hair was completely dried, I took two-inch sections and used the T3 Whirl Convertible to add movement. After wrapping each section around the tapered barrel, I pinned the curls to set, spritzing with L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Spray, and allowed the curls to cool.
    3. “Once cool, I unpinned all of the curls and brushed hair with the T3 Paddle Brush.
    4. “Next, I pulled hair up into a high pony, leaving out the front pieces. Once the pony was secured, I combed back the front pieces and wrapped around the elastic.
    5. “Using the T3 Paddle Brush, I back-combed the entire pony to achieve volume and texture, and then spritzed with a little more L’Oreal Elnett Hold Spray.
    6. “To create the final look, I twisted the pony and pinned down the sides of the twist as I went. I then tucked the bottom of the pony under the twist and secured with more pins.
    7. “To finish, I used my fingers to mold the twist as desired and used L’Oreal Nutri Gloss to achieve a sleek shine.”
  • Jessica Chastain's Feminine Fishtail

    Stylist: Renato Campora
    Inspiration: A feminine look that adds a twist to the classic fishtail braid

    Get the look:

    1. On damp hair, use a dime-sized amount of Moroccanoil Treatment to provide the perfect foundation for styling
    2. Next, apply Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse and work through the hair from mid-lengths to ends.  
    3. Blow-dry hair using a Moroccanoil 35 MM Boar Bristle Round Brush to smooth and straighten.
    4. Apply Moroccanoil Styling Gel Strong to create shine and to smooth any baby hairs down. Part hair to the side and lock into a low bun, leaving out a piece to braid.
    5. With remaining hair, create a very tight fishtail braid and wrap around the hair band.
    6. To finish, mist Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong for shine and long-lasting hold.
  • Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet Stallone's Golden Globe Girls Hair

    Stylist: Jonathan Colombini
    Inspiration: Goddess-worthy waves

    Get the Look:


    1. Prep damp hair with Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray to create volume and texture.
    2. Apply Oribe's Split End Seal to ends to help smooth and add shine.
    3. Divide hair into sections, and use a one-inch curling iron to create loose waves.


    1. Prep damp hair with Oribe’s Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème and blow-dry.
    2. Create Marcel waves and set for an hour. After an hour, pull the curls out and softly flat iron on low heat to create a beautiful wave.
    3. Flip your head upside down and spray Oribe’s Superfine Hair Spray all over.


    1. Spray Oribe's Volumista Mist for Volume onto dry hair.
    2. Flip the head upside down and blow-dry to create volume.
    3. Set the hair with a curling iron and spray Oribe's Volumista Mist for Volume on the curls to act as a setting lotion.
    4. Create a halo braid and smooth with a bit of Oribe’s Rough Luxury Molding Paste.
    5. Set the style with Oribe’s Superfine Hair Spray.
  • Keri Russell's Boho Waves

    Stylist: Brian Magallones
    Inspiration: Boho-Luxe beach waves

    Get the look:

    1. The first step was to shampoo and condition with Schwarzkopf Professional's ​FIBREPLEX Sulfate-Free Shampoo and FIBREPLEX N°3 Bond Maintainer.
    2. He ​then blew her curly hair straight using OSiS+ TAME WILD​ Smoothing A​nti-​F​rizz Cream from Schwarzkopf Professional to get her hair nice and smooth​, as well as​​ frizz​-free​.
    3. Next, Magallones ​put a very relaxed wave in Keri’s hair to give it texture. He ​used a one and a half-inch barrel curling iron, spraying each section with OSiS+ FLATLINER​ H​eat Protection Spray as he ​curled​ to protect it from the heat styling.
    4. ​After curling all of her hair, he brushed it thoroughly with a paddle brush to relax the wave.  
    5. The next step was to rub some of the OSiS+ MAGIC​​ ​Anti-Frizz Shine Serum between his ​fingers and lightly run it through her hair to add shine.
    6. Next, Magallones gave Keri a middle part for that classic boho look, and finished the look with OSiS+ FREEZE​ S​trong Hold Hairspray for long-lasting, touchable hold.

    [Images courtesy of Brian Magallones]​

  • Olivia Culpo's Braided Updo

    Stylist: Justine Marjan
    Inspiration: A unique hairstyle that played off the textures, colors, and intricate details of Olivia’s dress.

    Get the Look:

    1. “To start, I prepped the hair with the ghd advanced split end therapy and ran it through the ends of the hair,” said Marjan.
    2. “Next, I applied the ghd smooth & finish serum to the roots of her hair to boost its shine. Then, I blow-dried the hair using the ghd air hairdryer and the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3 until the hair was smooth and straight. Once Olivia’s hair was completely dry, I sprayed hairspray all over the to create grit and hold for easier styling.
    3. “Then, I parted her hair down the middle and pulled an inch of hair from both sides of the temple, clipping it to the side. Then, I took the hair underneath both areas and created an inside-out French braid down to the nape of the neck and pinned in place. Afterwards, I released the clipped section of hair to cover the beginning of the braid and also pinned it at the nape of the neck.
    4. “Next, pulling the remaining hair and creating three random strand braids, I wrapped the hair into a low bun and pinned into place.
    5. “To finish, I used a final layer of hairspray to hold the hair and glided a toothbrush over any fly-aways to seal in the look.”
  • Kerry Washington's Sleek 'Do

    Stylist: Takisha Sturdivant-Drew
    Inspiration: Kerry's dress offered the inspiration for a simple, sleek hairstyle with a touch of color.

    Get the Look:

    1. “To start, I shampooed Kerry’s hair with Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo and conditioned her hair with Neutrogena Triple Repair deep recovery hair mask,” said Sturdivant-Drew.
    2. “After washing out, I blew out her damp hair with the ghd air hairdryer and used the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3 to straighten her natural hair.
    3. “Then, I parted the hair across the back at the nape and smoothed out her hair with the ghd platinum styler and worked my way throughout her hair to finish off the look.
    4. “Then I parted her hair and clipped in TSD Hair extensions in the back and middle, plus a few lighter shades around her face.
    5. “To finish off her hairstyle, I parted her hair on the left side and then went through it one more time using the ghd platinum styler for a smooth finish.”
  • Emma Stone's Loose Chignon



    Stylist: Mara Roszak
    Inspiration: Classic red carpet beauty

    Get the Look:

    1. To start, Roszak prepped Emma’s damp hair by dabbing L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum on the ends. She used a small amount of L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Inject Volume Mousse on the roots to achieve shine yet maintain volume.
    2. Then, Roszak blow-dried Emma’s hair with the ghd air hairdryer and a round brush before letting hair sit in Velcro rollers. She sprayed with L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray before removing rollers.
    3. Roszak then used the ghd curve soft curl iron, starting at the ends and clamping down, then twirling the curling iron up. Then, she took the ends and rolled hair upward, securing in place by crisscrossing pins. Roszak allowed a few pieces to fall in front of the face.
    4. Finally, she finished the look by spraying L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray all over to set hair in place, followed with L'Oréal Paris Hair Expert Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist to immediately give hair a soft look.
  • Jamie Chung's Bombshell Waves



    Stylist: Paul Norton.
    Inspiration: 70s style glamour

    Get the Look:

    1. “I first blew out Jamie Chung's hair with Joico Power Gel until fully dry with a metal round brush, flipping the end up,” said Norton.
    2. “Then, I patted the hair directly down the center. Starting in the back, I took a one and three quarter-inch curling iron to curl the hair away from the face, leaving about an inch or two out on the ends. I then pinned in place to allow the hair to cool. Work your way to the top by repeating the same step.
    3. “Once you reach the top front section, switch to a one-inch curling iron and curl the hair away from the face, starting very close to the root so it has a bit of a tighter curl in front.
    4. “Once the hair has cooled, remove the pins and comb through the hair with a large comb to separate the curl and break up the set using a small amount of K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum and place the hair in the front.
    5. “Finish with Joico Flip Turn Hairspray.”
  • Gina Rodriguez Modern Take on Vintage




    Stylist: Paul Norton
    Inspiration: A modern yet vintage look inspired by Cabaret  

    Get the Look:

    1. “I started prepping the hair with Joico Power Whip and tousled dry, pushing the hair all to one side off a deep part. I also took a round brush only on the hair line to get it smooth,” said Norton. ​
    2. “I then began on the lighter side in the back and began to start to put a gentle bend in the hair with a one-inch iron, taking one-inch sections and spraying JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray to each section prior to curling.
    3. “I curled each side away from the face wrapping the hair over the iron and leaving the ends out for a more modern vibe. As I got to the hair around the face, I began to use small silver clips to keep the hair off the face so it could cool and give a nice s-shape wave.
    4. “Once her curls cooled, I used KPAK Protect and Shine Serum to help me finger come though the the hair adding tons of shine.
    5. “Taking a large comb to help detail and place the hair, I began to spray Joico Power Spray to help keep the hair into position as well as giving me a strong hold to keep back Gina's previously shaved side, which is now growing out back and way from her face.
    6. “Lastly, I used Joico Hair Shake just on the ends for separation and finished the look with more power spray. After seeing the completed look, I decided that I wanted more glimmer, so I added a once over with Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Spray to match to sparkle of the dress!”
  • Sarah Paulson’s 70s Pixie

    Stylist: Bridget Brager
    Inspiration: “Sarah is currently growing out her hair and it's at an interesting length right now, so we weren't quite sure what to do,” said Brager. “But, when she tried on the Marc Jacobs dress she chose for the evening, it all came together for us. It's this really cool metallic, tight dress that read 70s to us. Our inspiration became Edie Sedgwick, with a modern twist.”

    Get the Look:

    1. “To start, I prepped the hair by adding a dime-sized amount of both styling paste and oil, running it through the hair from roots to ends,” said Brager.
    2. “Next, I dried her hair using the ghd air hairdryer and used the ghd natural bristle radial brush size 1 to smooth the hair, pulling it all forward towards her face while bending the ends softly.
    3. “Once hair was dry, I created a middle part and used the ghd curve soft curl iron to add texture to the hair. Starting from the middle on each section of hair, I wrapped the hair around once, alternating each section towards and away from the face, and leaving the ends out to create an ’S’ effect. Then I tugged on the bottom to stretch the hair. This technique is great for added texture without having a full curl.
    4. “Once all the hair was set, I focused on the bang area, which is the cornerstone of the look. I used the ghd platinum styler, starting on the right section of bang, and ironed the hair out towards the center of the face. Then, I stopped midway down the hair shaft and bent the bang back before mirroring the same movement on the other side.
    5. “After I finished heat styling, I used a texture spray to add extra volume. Then I teased the hair lightly at the roots to create a solid base. To complete the look, I used bobby pins to fasten the hair in place and set it all with hairspray so it would keep its shape for her big night!”
  • Brie Larson’s Old Hollywood Glam

    Stylist: Mara Roszak
    Inspiration: “I wanted to give [Brie] a Veronica Lake classic look, allowing it to feel loose and soft, yet allowing it to play off the gorgeous silhouette of her dress,” said Roszak.

    Get the Look:

    1. To start, Roszak prepped Brie’s damp hair with L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Inject Volume Mousse for a nice foundation. She then parted hair to the side and blow-dried with a round brush.
    2. Roszak used pin curls and let hair sit with a spray of L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray. She removed the pin curls and softly brushed the hair. She then followed with ghd curve soft curl iron to loosely wave Brie’s hair toward the face. She let curls set in pins to help hold an “S” shape with another spray of L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray.
    3. Then, Roszak gently brushed out and spritzed hair with L'Oréal Paris EverSleek Frizz Finish Oil-in-Serum.
    4. Lastly, she finished the look by sweeping her hair behind one ear and let the rest cascade down the opposite side.
  • Giuliana Rancic’s Romantic Updo

    Stylist: Justine Marjan
    Inspiration: “We wanted to do something romantic and dramatic, and we wanted to pull her hair off her face so it wouldn’t distract from her gorgeous dress,” said Marjan.

    Get the Look:

    1. “To start, I prepped her damp hair with ghd Total Volume Foam,” said Marjan.
    2. “I blew out her hair using the ghd AIR Hairdryer, using my fingers to lift the hair at the root to create more texture and volume. To enhance that texture, once the hair was dry, I misted texturizing spray onto her roots.
    3. “Then, I had her flip her head upside down and French braided it, starting at the nape of her neck to create an inside-out French braid, ending at the crown.
    4. “Next, I gently teased her hair at the roots and gathered her hair together into a ponytail.
    5. “Once secured, I twisted her hair into a bun, pinned it in place and set it all with hairspray.”
  • Sophie Turner’s Sleek Strands

    Stylist: Christian Wood
    Inspiration: A grown-up look that is, “modern, clean and simple to create a unique fashion moment,” said Wood.

    Get the Look:

    1. Wash and condition hair using Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Reveal Shampoo and Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Instant Conditioner.
    2. On clean, damp hair apply Wella Professionals EIMI Root Shoot Mousse throughout the entire head to create tackiness and texture.
    3. Next, blow-dry section by section, starting at the nape of the head to create a smooth, shiny finish.
    4. Apply one to two pumps of Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothening Oil into the palms of the hands and work throughout hair from root to tip.
    5. Starting at the nape of the neck, straighten the entire head while brushing all over and apply Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift at the roots for a textured hold.
    6. Tuck both sides of hair behind the ear, bringing one side of the lengths out in front of the body.
    7. Finish off the look by spraying Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Firm Finishing Hairspray onto a powder brush and moving throughout the lengths in a downward motion to remove fly-aways and frizz, completing the modern, sleek look.


  • Mandy Moore’s Nude Mani

    Manicurist: Michelle Saunders
    Inspiration: “Mandy’s look was a nod to the ‘70s, channeling inspiration from Lauren Hutton,” said Saunders.

    Get the Look:

    1. “Together, we chose a warm, neutral shade from Essie’s newest collection, Gel Couture Ballet Nudes,” said Saunders. “At the Barre was the perfect color to complement Mandy’s skin tone as well as her plunging, navy blue Naeem Khan gown.”
  • Chrissy Teigen’s Opaque Neutrals

    Manicurist: Kimmie Kyees
    Inspiration: “Chrissy’s dress was the epitome of modern romance with beautiful brocades and ruffle detailing,” said Kyees.

    Get the Look:

    1. “We chose Essie in Topless & Barefoot, a classic opaque nude, to add to the elegance of her overall look,” said Kyees.
  • Hailee Steinfeld’s Petal Pink Nails

    Manicurist: Lisa Peña-Wong
    Inspiration: “Hailee’s lavender tulle Vera Wang gown called for a nail that was feminine and fresh,” said Peña-Wong.

    Get the Look:

    1. “Essie in Go Go Geisha, a soft blossom pink, was the ideal choice,” added Peña-Wong.
  • Kristen Bell’s Black Tie Mani

    Manicurist: Emi Kudo
    Inspiration: “Kristen knew she wanted a bold nail to balance out her nude lip and soft makeup,” said Kudo.

    Get the Look:
    “Essie in Wicked, a super dark creamy red, was the perfect striking shade.”

  • Viola Davis’ Golden Girl Nails

    Manicurist: Julie Kandalec
    Inspiration: “We decided to play off the deep rustic satin color of Viola’s peep toe platforms,” said Kandalec.

    Get the Look:

    1. “We went with Essie in Leggy Legend, a metallic bronze hue, because it perfectly complemented Viola’s skin and shoes,” added Kandalec.
  • Felicity Jones’ 60s-Inspired Style

    Stylist: Cervando
    Inspiration: "I was inspired by classic, effortless beauties from the 60's like Jane Birkin and Sharon Tate,” said Cervando. “This look is elegant with a modern 60's twist."

    Get the Look:

    1. Apply Matrix Style Link Mineral Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam through the mid-lengths to ends of damp hair using your hands. Then brush through with a comb to ensure even distribution. Dispense a small amount of Matrix Style Link Volume Builder Mousse to fingertips and work into roots.
    2. Lightly spray Matrix Style Link Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray to decrease drying time and preserve the texture of the blowout. Then rough-dry hair until it's almost fully dry.
    3. Use a small round brush and blow-dry bangs to give them volume; then pin back out of the way.
    4. Continue to blow out the hair in sections using a round brush. Roll the top center pieces into hot curlers for more volume and the remaining hair into pin curls. Let set for 15 minutes.  
    5. Once cooled, pull out rollers and pin curls. Lightly brush the hair with your hands and pull back into a loose chignon. Make sure to leave height at the crown.
    6. Lightly spray Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo all over to create more texture. Place bangs and finish the look with Matrix Style Link Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray.


  • Kristin Cavallari’s Loose Beach Waves

    Stylist: Scott Cunha
    Inspiration: Carefree, beachy beauty with a touch of glam

    Get the Look:

    1. Distribute Matrix Style Link Blowout Big Queen evenly throughout hair. Blow-dry smooth with a boar bristle round brush.
    2. Once dry, apply Matrix Style Link Height Riser Volumizing Powder to the roots for a more “lived-in” look.
    3. Create a heavy side part. Take one-inch vertical sections and curl away from the face. Once cool, use fingers to lightly brush out.
    4. Lock in the look with Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer Hairspray to keep volume and tame fly-aways.
  • Octavia Spencer’s Textured Blowout

    Stylist: David Stanwell
    Inspiration: Effortless beauty

    Get the Look:

    1. Prep hair with Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray and blow out with a round brush.
    2. Divide hair into sections and use a curling iron to create effortless waves. Make sure to keep the ends of the hair straight for a young, sexy look.
    3. Spray Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spay throughout the roots to give hair lift and texture.
    4. Use Oribe’s Superfine Hair Spray to smooth out fly-aways.
  • Heidi Klum’s Golden Glow

    Makeup/Skin: Linda Hay
    Inspiration: Glossed and glowing bronze skin to complement Heidi’s strapless dress

    Get the Look:

    1. Hay swept a layer of St. Tropez One Night Only Face and Body Lotion in Light/Medium, covering the body and blending with her hands to give the skin a gorgeous, high-definition luster with a hint of bronze.
    2. Because Heidi’s dress was strapless, Hay applied an extra layer of the new St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss (launching March 2017) using a larger brush to highlight her arms and décolletage so that her skin would look radiant for the red carpet.


  • Simone Biles’ Soft Waves

    Stylist: Nick Stenson
    Inspiration: “We wanted to create softness to complement the structure of the dress,” said Stenson. “Plus, she is known for having her hair up so we wanted to switch it up for this big day.”

    Get the Look:

    1. Start with a lightweight texturizer foam to lock in hold, then rough-dry hair.
    2. Once dry, apply a texturizer spray. With a curling iron, alternate rope curl patterns throughout the entire head.
    3. Create a deep part and use a comb to lightly brush and place the curls. This helps create a soft, side swept finish.
    4. Lock in the look with a lightweight hairspray.


  • Aly Raisman’s Cascading Curls

    Stylist: George Papanikolas
    Inspiration: “Aly spends so much time in the gym and training with her hair pulled back. We wanted to really pull out all the stops for the Golden Globes and went for glam Hollywood waves,” said Papanikolas. “She already has amazing hair and I really wanted to maximize its volume and body.”

    Get the Look:

    1. On damp hair, apply a volumizing mousse and root powder. Blow-dry with a round brush for a smooth but full finish.
    2. Once completely dry, take a one-inch curling iron and create Marcel waves throughout.
    3. Once the head is fully curled, finger brush hair lightly then apply a flexible hairspray to ensure hold with movement.

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