Portfolio: Facet by Damien Carney

Inspired by the intricacies and dynamic qualities of both raw and cut gems, Schwarzkopf Professional creative director Damien Carney conceived Facet, a unique collection that explores the beauty of carefully honed texture — whether it be natural or man-made. Smooth, shiny, flat, jagged, coarse, fragmented, wild or tamed, each look plays with the concepts of light reflection, shape and surface for a distinct perspective on the way we see hair.

Flip through to see the Facet collection by Damien Carney!

  • “Some of the hairpieces were colored for a shadowy, mottled effect, as if the hair is moving,” says Carney. “Likewise, the shots are not perfect or still or sharp in focus. There’s a blurry quality to the images.”

  • While some of the hairpieces consisted of human hair, others were synthetic. “The black hairpiece and ultra-blonde hairpiece were made of nylon,” Carney informs. “We burned these pieces with a flat iron until the hair started to disintegrate — that way it looked organic and raw. It was all about each image looking different, but working as a collection. It’s a true mix-and-match approach, with each photograph showing a different point of view reflecting texture and silhouette.”

  • “With one model and some imagination you can execute endless looks,” Carney explains. “It’s important for artists to have their own personal identity and message in their compilation. Let your creative spirit soar free. If you don’t like the result, you can trash the looks, concept and start all over again. That’s the brilliant thing about hair: The choices are endless.”


Hair, Creative Direction, Photography: Damien Carney
Color: Rossa Jurenas
Makeup: Aya Kudo

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