Portfolio: Atelier Punk

Inspired by the Givenchy Spring 16 collection and London’s Savile Row, and showcased at Unite's Global Session 2015 in London, The Atelier Punk collection demonstrates true texture and obscure form encompassed within strong geometric shapes infused with dynamic flashes throughout the base colors.
The full look showcases the Jason Liddiard Art Team's take on fine tailoring -- with a steam punk twist -- which combines effortlessly with the texture, color and form of the hair.

Flip through the slideshow below to see the full collection, plus how each look was created!

  • Model: Georgia
    How-To: Igora Royal 9.98 flash against Igora Royal 4.99 with six percent developer

  • Model: Shannon
    How-To: The team applied Igora Royal 6.88 with six percent developer, blending to Igora Royal 1.0 with six percent developer, on a halo section in foil wraps.

  • Model: Georgia
    How-To: Igora Royal 3.0 with six percent developer, going into 99.8


Images courtesy of UNITE

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