Independent stylists, do you use booking software?

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Image from zinkevych via Adobe Stock

Long gone are the days of salons making appointments with clients on the books, which holds them hostage to the front desk or wherever their schedule is kept. Paper schedulers also lead to time-consuming process of individual confirmation calls, texts or emails, so clients will actually show up to their appointments.

As of recently, many salons have switched over to online scheduling, with many booking softwares making their way into the industry and offering seamless options and features that allows clients to book their appointment with ease and stylists to hold their clients accountable to no-show, cancellation or other appointment policies. 

But, as an independent stylist, your preferences may differ on whether you decide to use a booking software or not. So, this week, we want to know from our independent stylists if they use or are in search of new booking software. 

Take this quick poll, and let us know! Stay tuned for the results next week.

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