Pro Beauty Talks Podcast: Sport Clips & SuperCuts

Julie Vargas, Sr.Director of Career Opportunties, Sport Clips; Michael McGraw, Brand Ambassador & Artist Director, SuperCuts

This second part of a two-part series highlights two great industry companies that have locations all over the country and some even outside of the country. Both of these companies participate as 'partners' of Beauty Cast Network. meaning that some of their employment opportunities are listed there. That is one way to find out more about what might be available in the way of jobs. During the first half of our podcast, you will hear from Julie Vargas from Sport Clips. In the second half, you will hear from Michael McGraw from SuperCuts.

Sport Clips: Julie Vargas, Sr.Director of Career Opportunties

Julie Vargas is an innovative, results-driven leader with over 28 years of service in the industry. She currently serves as Sr. Director of Career Opportunities at Sport Clips and is responsible for creating and building strong programs, sourcing, training, and driving brand awareness and opportunity to attract and retain stylists across their more than 1700+ stores across the country. She is also in her 5th year and is currently serving as 2nd vice chair for the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS) and is also chair of the National SkillsUSA Technical Committee for Cosmetology. She is very passionate about her work and loves the challenges of this ever-changing industry and the success that she has been able to experience throughout her career. She shares her career path with us at Sports Clips and provides information about what the opportunities are within this growing company.

SuperCuts: Michael McGraw, Brand Ambassador & Artist Director

Michael McGraw joins us for the second half of this podcast and generously shares his personal success with the SuperCuts organization that has spanned several decades. As a brand ambassador and artistic director, Michael travels all over and educates, trains and inspires new and existing team members. With over 2700 locations, SuperCuts has a wide range of opportunities for cosmetologists, barbers, and other team-oriented individuals looking for a career in the industry. Thank you for joining as we hear from both of these wonderful professionals as they share their stories about themselves and the great companies they represent.

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