Pro Beauty Talks Podcast: Greg Starkman CEO Innersense Organic Beauty

With decades behind the chair in “big beauty”, Innersense Organic Beauty Founder Greg Starkman’s fascination with the formulation and product development morphed into a passionate obsession after the birth of his special needs daughter. Recognizing the parallels between the toxins in conventional beauty products and the alarming number of health issues facing their industry peers, Morgan’s arrival cued Greg and his wife Joanne to trust their inner sense and an organic beauty company was born. As ingredient guru for the socially viral brand, Greg is a leading force in the safe cosmetics movement, pushing the boundaries of green and conscious chemistry with sustainably sourced and meticulously processed ingredients. The brand is lauded with a number of distinguished awards including an Allure Best of Beauty seal for its groundbreaking Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner duo and I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

In this podcast, Greg shares his thoughts about the growth of clean and green beauty products and formulas. He talks about what we should be looking for in ingredients and the importance of mindful, and responsible manufacturing. Greg also shares his love story. He and Joanne have lovingly created this beautiful “conscious” brand while at the same time nurturing their lives together. 

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