Our Favorite Hair Trends of 2016 (So Far!)

We are officially halfway through 2016 (how did that happen?!), and this year has certainly seen its fair share of hair trends -- some we loved, and some… not so much. With summer in full swing, and clients looking to switch things up for the warmer months, there's no better time to revisit some of the best cuts, colors and styles of the past 6 months for a little inspiration.

Below, we've compiled some of the most popular, most stunning, and our personal favorite hair looks of 2016, so far. Check out the slideshow for all the inspiration you need!

  • easy wavy hair style
    "Effortless" Waves

    Okay, we all know so-called effortless hair is, in fact, anything but. Whether or not you #wokeuplikethis, though, there's no denying these ever-popular, "effortless" waves are simply stunning -- not to mention the perfect style for those long summer days.

    Image: Instagram.com/johnnyramirez1

  • pastel rainbow hair colors
    Multi-Colored Mermaids

    Bold hair colors are nothing new, but colorists in 2016 have taken it to the next level. Bright hues are no longer just about a single shade; instead, clients can take a one-of-each approach, with multi-colored "mermaid" and "unicorn" looks reigning supreme.

    Image: Instagram.com/deathbycouture

  • braid hair style for long hair
    Bigger, Bolder Braids

    Nothing says "summer hair trend" like braids, but this year, bigger is better. From fishtails to pull-out braids, to loose, romantic versions (and often a mix of all three!), braids are everywhere. An added bonus? These intricate styles are the perfect way to show off that amazing color you just created!

    Image: Instagram.com/stephhstyles

  • emerald green hair color
    Bejeweled Beauties

    A trend that emerged early in 2016 and has persisted even into the warmer months, jewel-toned hair colors prove that you don't have to opt for soft, romantic pastels to be summery. Rich hues like emerald green and cerulean mimic the ocean, while opulent purples and magenta remind us of a warm summer night under the stars.

    Image: Instagram.com/shurie

  • straight hairstyles for long hair
    Straight and Sleek

    First seen on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways last year, straight hair is currently experiencing somewhat of a revival. The 70s staple gets a 2016 twist with a distinct level of polish that's timelessly chic.

    Image: Instagram.com/brittanyhartzhaiar

  • top knot buns hairstyle

    Once the uniform of off-duty models, topknots have gone full-on fashionable. A perfect way to help your client beat the heat, we're seeing topknots in all shapes and forms -- casual, polished, half-up and doubled. Translation? This might be the most versatile style of the year.

    Image: Instagram.com/hairbyelm

  • Ravishing Reds

    Redheads have always been in style (exhibit A: Rita Hayworth, anyone?), but this recessive hue is seeing a resurgence this year, as evidenced by the likes of Christina Aguilera, Ariel Winter, Lily Collins, and more. On stylists' social media, as well, red hair has all but taken over. From cinnamon to strawberry, and everything in between, there's a red hue for every skin color, so no client has to worry they can't pull off this gorgeous trend.

    Image: Instagram.com/venalove

  • under cut hairstyle
    Edgy Undercuts

    What do you get when edgy and subtle meet? This year's undercut trend! The perfect solution for those clients who want to rock something ultra-cool on the weekends, but prefer a more buttoned-up look for work, this trend truly lets you get creative. With endless opportunities for designs, there's no reason to shy away from this bold look.

    Image: Instagram.com/megbwhitesalon

  • hair jewelry and clips

    When your client's going-out look just seems to be missing something, turn to one of this year's biggest hair trends: embellishments. Seen all over the Spring/Summer runways, embellishments like hair jewelry, flower crowns, and exposed pins and clips offer a little extra glam to any style.

    Image: Instagram.com/gitty_und_goeff

  • half up rainbow hairstyles for long hair
    Half-Up Hair

    Not only does this huge 2016 trend serve as the perfect way to show off a new haircolor, but it also offers a nearly infinite amount of styling options for your clients. Pull hair half up with a messy topknot, or braid or twist the top layer to achieve this on-trend look.

    Image: Instagram.com/kimwasabi

  • glitter undercut hair styles

    Love it or hate it, glitter is here to stay. But unlike the glitter roots of 2015, this year's version is a bit more refined -- without losing any of the fun. Used as a colorful accent to an undercut, or to add a touch of pizzaz to #FestivalHair, this trend proves that a little glitter goes a long way.

    Image: Instagram.com/rebeccataylorhair

  • under light hair colors
    Eye-Catching Underlights

    While the bold haircolor trend has been going steady for a while now, not everyone who's loved the look has been able to test drive it. Think lawyers, teachers, executives, and anyone who works in a more traditional workplace where #mermaidhair would be frowned upon, to say the least. But this year's underlights trend has changed that. Worn down, hair is all business -- pulled up, it's party time!

    Image: Instagram.com/rubydevine

  • neon yellow hair color with braids

    Advancing rainbow hair one step further, colorists are embracing neon hues -- and clients are loving it. The ultimate summer look, popular neons range from lime green, to ultraviolet, to highlighter yellow, and everything in between. If your client is looking for a way to stand out, this trend is the answer.

    Image: Instagram.com/chitabeseau

  • natural hairstyles curly hair
    Natural Texture

    The last -- and possibly our favorite of the favorite trends we've seen so far this year -- natural texture is all about embracing each individual's unique beauty. As seen everywhere (and we mean everywhere) on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, natural texture can range from tight spirals to loose waves to stick-straight strands. Whether curly or straight or somewhere in between, this trend encourages clients to love their natural look -- and offers stylists the opportunity to find the best cut, color, and style for each individual client. And what's more beautiful than that?

    Image: Instagram.com/shelleygregoryhair


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