Meet Beauty Launchpad 25 Under 50K Winner for 2022: Shonda Sharee Gayle

Shonda Sharee is one of Beauty Launchpad's 25 Under 50K winners for 2022. Learn more about her in this Q&A.
Shonda Sharee is one of Beauty Launchpad's 25 Under 50K winners for 2022. Learn more about her in this Q&A.
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Over the course of the month, we will be spotlighting the winners of Beauty Launchpad’s 25 Under 50K for 2022.

Here, you will get to know Shonda Sharee Gayle. Gayle is a luxury extensions stylist and educator at Boujee Hair by Shonda Sharee. In her Q&A, you will learn her favorite hair trends, a fun fact about her, her proudest accomplishment and more. 

Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is a fun fact about you?

Shonda Sharee Gayle (SSG): A fun fact about me is that I am obsessed with blue crabs; they are so delicious.

BLP: What is your proudest accomplishment? 

SSG: My proudest accomplishment is being able to teach other like-minded stylists not only my techniques, but to help them grow in their beauty business as well. 

BLP: What is your current favorite hairstyle trend?

SSG: My favorite hair trend at the moment is the modern mullet. I am obsessed with that cut and currently looking for a brave extensions beauty to try it on! 

BLP: What is a hair tip you have for fellow salon professionals? 

SSG: Since I specialize in the micro bead method of installing extensions, my tip would be to do a thorough consultation on your client before selecting and installing any micro bead method. The method should vary with each client's hair. 

BLP: What inspires you? 

SSG: Knowing that I am making a true difference in a person's lifeclients as well as my students. Knowing that inspires me to continue in my journey. 

BLP: What do you love about your work?

SSG: I love helping women who are suffering with hair loss feel confident and fabulous wearing natural-looking extensions. I also love educating hairstylists, teaching my micro bead techniques and helping them become successful in their journey.

BLP: What motivates you about this industry? 

SSG: What motivates me about the hair industry is the fact that it is filled with amazingly talented artists; they literally are miracle workers! Being able to be a part of this beautiful community motivates me every day.

BLP: What is a professional goal you have for yourself? 

SSG: A professional goal that I have for myself is to continue to build my boujee hair empire. 

BLP: Who is a role model you have in the industry? 

SSG: Wow, I don't have just one! There are many who have personally helped me get to this point, but if I had to name one, it would be my very first mentor, Demetria "DD." She showed me what it meant to be a true professional, hardworking hairstylist. She used her talent to genuinely help other stylists like myself reach their potential. I appreciate her for that so much! It really set the standard for how I run my business and help other stylists. 

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