Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Hair: Teresa Romero and Jose Luis Buitron; Makeup: Tanya Ortega and Sarah Contey; Wardrobe: Teresa Romero.
Hair: Teresa Romero and Jose Luis Buitron; Makeup: Tanya Ortega and Sarah Contey; Wardrobe: Teresa Romero.

Teresa Romero, Sam Villa ambassador, hair/makeup artist and artistic/education director, shares her thoughts on why collaborations with other professionals in the industry are so important.

"Collaborating as a team isn't always easy and can seem daunting to some, but it's a beautiful thing to see a group of individuals come together on a creative journey and discover the team experience," says Romero. "Producing hair artistry together will bond a group of people like nothing else can." 

These are her tips for collaborative success:

  • Team Leader: There has to be a leader with a distinct concept who can clearly communicate with each member and keep things on track. It takes patience and motivation skills to navigate through artistic ideas and make each member feel vested, while keeping the concept in focus.  
  • Collaboration: Team members should feel like they can contribute ideas–some might make the concept stronger, and some might be off the mark–it's up to the leader to listen and then make the final call. Sometimes the most unexpected ideas are the best.
  • Define Roles:  Each member needs to know what they are responsible for; play to their strengths when assigning roles. Invite newer members to assist more experienced members to give them an opportunity to evolve and be part of the team.
  • Don't Get Lost in the Hair: The magic happens when hair, makeup, wardrobe and photography are in harmony, so include all talent in the planning process and do a test shoot, if possible. Choose a photographer who understands the nuances of shooting hair, and hire models with confidence. Makeup artists and wardrobe stylists/designers play a major role in the overall aesthetic, so choose them wisely. 
  • Plan, Yet Remain Flexible: Plan meticulously knowing that there will always be unexpected occurrences on set, so don't stress; stay positive and flexible. Keep the shooting atmosphere drama-free, and have additional hair pieces and tons of irons at the ready.

"Working on a team is full of discovery, collaboration, practice, planning and editing. It's so rewarding, and when those hidden unexpected gems are created on set…well, that's when everyone feels the magic and it's a beautiful thing be a part of," says Romero.

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