Andrew Fitzsimons Dishes on His Top Looks for His Celebrity Clientele

Andrew Fitzsimons HairFrom jumping on a plane to style Ashley Graham for the Met Gala to getting the Kardashian clan ready for their close-ups on the red carpet, it’s all just a typical day for Andrew Fitzsimons. The Dublin-born stylist began honing his talents in the Paris fashion scene before transplanting to New York City where he took his love for beauty and began building an impressive celebrity clientele. Now, with more than 428k Instagram followers, several magazine covers (think Vogue and Elle), and countless red-carpet looks under his belt, it’s safe to say that Fitzsimons has left his mark on the hair industry. Here, the in-demand stylist handpicks a few favorite looks he has created.

Ashley Graham Hair

Left - “Because Ashley’s dress was so dramatic, we decided to go with a simpler look by creating a side part with a very tight, low bun. I wanted a polished, drier shine (as opposed to a wet look), which I juxtaposed with chains incorporated into the hair to intertwine with the Met Gala theme.”

Right - “I love a wet look for a high-fashion moment, and on this occasion, Ashley’s dress absolutely called for it! I gave her hair a strong, almost menswear- inspired part to complement the gorgeous structure and femininity of her dress.”

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Joan Small Shay Mitchell Hair

Joan Smalls - “For this look, we wanted to complement the menswear- inspired dress Joan wore with something that was highly structured, but still feminine. We remixed the usual tight topknot by twisting it all over itself to create a super chic and modern style.”

Shay Mitchell - “Cher is one of my biggest style icons, so I love getting to do ‘Cher hair’ on my clients! The trick is to use just the right amount of product to ensure not a single hair is out of place and add brilliant shine.”

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Khloe Kardashian Hair

Khloé Kardashian - “I recently missed seeing Diana [Ross] perform in Las Vegas due to last-minute plane issues, and Khloé knows how much I love her, so she kindly asked me not only to style her hair for Ms. Ross’s party this year, but also to attend with her! The night was such a dream come true, and Ms. Ross loved Khloé’s hair so much that she asked me to make her a similar wig!”


[Images: Courtesy of Andrew Fitzsimons; Bigstock; Instagram]


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