How To Get Paris Jackson's Lived-In Look


On August 1, 2019, Paris Jackson attended the premiere of The Peanut Butter Falcon, for which she sang the last song of the movie. She attended the Hollywood, California movie premiere decked out in a look for summer, donning a sexy, boho-chic outfit. Her SoCal casual look was complemented by the lived-in hairstyle created by renowned celebrity stylist Giannandrea. He reached out to us to give us the exclusive on how you can re-create the easy, breezy, beachy look on your clients. 

1. Wash hair without using conditioner. Towel dry, then apply a bit of volumizing mousse only at the crown area. Let air dry or use a diffuser.
2. Section the top part of the head, then blow-dry three large, smooth sections with a large round brush. Work only the top part of the head to create ample volume, concentrating on the sides.
3. Brush out all of the hair with a large round brush.
4. In large sections starting from the top, curl hair with a large-barrel iron. As you release the barrel, twist the hair. Leave the ends straight.
5. Now use a flat iron to smooth alternating sections of each wave from roots to the tips. (Flat iron, leave curl round, flat iron, leave curl, all the way down to the ends)
6. Finish with your favorite oil, paste or texturizing cream. Run fingers through the hair and flip the swoop over to the side. Make sure you don't use any tools for this part! 
7. Spritz a light mist of hairspray for hold. 

[Image courtesy of Instagram]

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