Six Ways to Be a Glamour Queen: Schwarzkopf Revolutionizes Styling

New from Schwarzkopf Professional, OSiS+ Glamour Queen makes it possible to achieve an incredible array of stunning styles! Schwarzkopf Brand Ambassador Michael Dueñas gave us the scoop on how to make the most of this amazing product, with tips and techniques for six different uses of Glamour Queen as well as photos from the Essential Looks Style-Tec Collection.

Stylist: Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison

Photos: Gerd Bayer and Tobias Unger


1.  OSiS+ Glamour Queen is great for Locking The Look! With its zero moisture formula, you don’t need to worry about water in the hairspray dismantling all the work you put into it.  You can easily obtain this shape by using OSiS+ Glamour Queen from beginning to end!

2. Start by prepping your hair with OSiS+ Glamour Queen to set rollers and curls. Spray your hair from the root area to the ends and set in curlers for a traditional set, or with a curling iron for a modern take.

brush and gently back comb each section to build additional volume.


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