The Most Talked-About Trends of 2015

2015 saw its fair share of hair trends - from the wildly popular wavy "lob" to bright and beautiful #mermaidhair and #unicornhair to balayage and "bronde," it was a year of bold self-expression. Individuality, and the idea of embracing each client's own natural shape and texture, became the defining, overarching theme of 2015; whether your client wanted the natural look with "babylights" or sombré, or opted for something bolder like rainbow-colored strands.

This idea of individuality and having fun with your hair extended into some wilder (and more polarizing) trends this year. Trends like glitter roots and "granny hair," were loved by some and hated by others, but these unusual styles got everyone talking. Below, we've compiled 15 of this year's most talked-about trends from Fashion Week, Instagram, and the salon!

  • Granny Hair

    Ghostly grays and shimmering silvers skyrocketed in popularity this year.


  • Glitter Roots

    Some loved it, some hated it, but everyone was talking about this sparkly trend.



  • "Subtle" Side Bangs at Prada

    This artsy look, created by Redken Global Creative Director, Guido, during Milan Fashion Week had everyone talking.


  • Rooty Color

    Unique color placement, and high-contrast hues, made for a much talked-about technique.


  • Styles with Edge

    Edgy looks like undercuts and shaved sides got a design-y upgrade with cool patterns and sharp lines.


  • Galaxy Hair

    This buzzed-about Instagram trend drew hair color inspiration from nature - galaxies, peacock feathers, opals, and even aurora borealis!


  • Bigger, Better Braids

    The 2015 take on this classic style was all about intricate patterns, softly-pulled styles, and bigger, bolder braids.



  • #UnicornHair

    Unicorn Hair, and its similar cousins Mermaid Hair and Rainbow Hair, were all about bold, interwoven color in brights or pastels.


  • Bobs and Lobs

    On celebrities and real life, the wavy bob and the wavy lob dominated as 2015's most-requested cut.


  • Pretty in Platinum

    Silvery, snow-white blondes garnered much attention this past year.


  • Balayage

    While some embraced bright colors, the natural look, led by the ever-popular balayage technique, simultaneously emerged as one of 2015's most talked-about trends.


  • Pixelated Hair

    Another polarizing trend, pixelated hair had everyone talking.


  • The No-Commitment Mohawk

    This hairstyle trend found the perfect balance between edgy and feminine.


  • Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

    Bold, edgy looks weren't reserved just for the ladies this year - men got in on the fun with brightly-colored, artistic styles too.


  • Natural Hair

    In keeping with the theme of individuality, natural hair textures and curls were embraced this past year.  

    Image: Karen Neira of Di Rosa Hair Care NYC

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