Matrix Artistic Director Nicholas French's Day For Night Collection

Nicholas French turns conventionality on its head for his latest artistic endeavor.

In Nicholas French’s latest photographic offering, Day for Night, the Matrix artistic director taps French cinema noir as inspiration. “This wave of cinema centered on an edgy group of filmmakers who pushed the boundaries of their art,” explains French. “They tapped a darker side of their narrative forms.” Likewise, French’s striking collection emphasizes hairstyles that push the limits—all disparate, yet unified in their proclivity for uniqueness to form a fluid narrative that is all their own.

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  • Full Body

    Central hair braids elicit a wide silhouette with soft circular texture.

  • Contemporary Classic

    In true red carpet fashion, hair was waved and side swept using square sections, then dressed out with a wide-tooth comb.

  • Robust Ribbons

    For this look, French used a flat iron soaked with Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray to make sleek hair ribbons.

  • New Heights

    Locks are braided along the hairline and a high “stork ponytail” is created by binding the hair with twine from top to bottom.

  • Set the Plaits

    Deconstructed tresses remain balanced and well-proportioned.


Hair: Nicholas French; Photographer: Ian Spanier; Makeup: Laura Dee Shelley; Assistants: Pati Rodriguez and Alisha Basore; Products: Matrix Biolage R.A.W.



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