Cuts and Tats at Boston Barber & Tattoo Co.

Rob Dello Russo

Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. has the deck stacked in its favor—mixing barbering and tattoos while upping the ante with an Italian espresso bar.

When you envision the coolest place on earth, chances are it comes pretty close to Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. Designed to be just that, the location pulls quadruple duty as a full-service barbershop, tattoo studio and Italian espresso bar—where the beer is free after 5pm. Creating the ultimate haven was all part of founder Rob Dello Russo’s master plan. As a Boston native, Russo sought to capture the timeless detail from the shops of yesteryear—and succeeded. When you step into Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. the sense of nostalgia is supreme. “I wanted my place to bring you back to whatever time in your life that you valued the most. The sounds, the smells and the feel of being somewhere you belong,” he describes.

The shop started with one chair 10 years ago, and has grown into a two-story, 10-chair shop with three tattoo artists. Though it’s hard for Russo to say which is more popular, haircuts are definitely requested more often than tattoos—“for obvious reasons,” he points out. After all, getting a fade takes far less commitment—and much more maintenance—than getting some ink. “All the classic hairstyles are in again,” says Russo, noting that the most popular cut is a 1940s low tight fade, parted to the side—which is exactly how he himself wears his hair. As for the tattoos, the variety is endless. However, he has noticed a black and gray tat that maximizes negative space is very popular. “It’s all about where your mind can take you, and we will help you get there,” he says.


[Images: Courtesy of Boston Barber & Tattoo Co]

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