Creating a Razored Pompadour with the V76 by Vaughn Education Team

Razored Pompadour with the V76

Creativity happens when Vaughn Acord, founder of V76 by Vaughn, gets his team of skilled stylists together. The most recent Jam Session with the V76 education team was held in Brooklyn, New York, where they collaborated with new ideas, products and tools to create this contemporary-cool razored pompadour. 

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“The cut is a combination of the quiff and pompadour. It has the height and volume, but it’s not so perfect that you can’t run your hands through it,” says Alejandro Ulloa, V76 educator. Styling product is essential to the finish. Ulloa offers these personalization tips: “Use a matte finish product on lighter colored hair and a natural shine finish on darker hair. Most importantly, make sure the height and volume are proportionate to your client’s hair texture, facial features and head shape.” 

  • 1) Use palm-to-backhand to establish the perimeter, making sure to build from a tapered silhouette.

  • 2) Soften the parietal ridge by removing any excess weight. The length should be shorter in the crown to longer in the front. 

  • 3) Once the length is established, create invisible layers that support the shape. 

  • 4) Select a focal point and cut the fringe length toward that point. 

  • 5) Taper the hairline using clipper-over-comb. 

  • 6) Finish with V76 by Vaughn Tex Texture Paste for separation, then V76 by Vaughn V Rated Natural Wax for flexibility and shine. 


Photo: Matt Licari, Clothing Stylist: Barb Zaidi, Hair: Milciades 'Manny' Rolon, Alejandro Ulloa and Vaugh Acord

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