JPMS' Artistic Team Creates a Live Beautifully Collection

For its most recent campaign, the John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) artistic team was determined to produce a compilation that examines self- expression and personal style through products and lifestyle. Enter Live Beautifully, wherein iconic JPMS products were employed to deliver a shoot with models evoking distinct lifestyles to match their hair looks. “Hair is a deeply personal experience—it’s so different for every person,” says Lucie Doughty, creative director for JPMS. “We really wanted that message to resonate with our audience.”

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  • Beautifully Adventurous

    “We sought to create looks that were beautiful but attainable,” shares Lucie Doughty, creative director for John Paul Mitchell Systems.

  • Beautifully Bold

    “We did this shoot last year in mid-August; the weather was sweltering,” recalls Doughty. “Thankfully we had a ton of effective products to keep frizz at bay, as well as lots of sunscreen.”

  • Beautifully Polished

    A tried-and-true ponytail is modernized for a sleek, sophisticated style.

  • Beautifully Expressive

    “The most beautiful aspect of these looks is there is one that will resonate with any individual,” enthuses Doughty of the versatile styles. “Clients may even discover a little part of themselves within multiple categories.”

  • Beautifully Bright

    “Our team selected styles that are timeless and on trend no matter the season,” notes Doughty.

  • Beautifully Unique

    Undone waves make for an arresting look that, though subtle, rings fierce.


[Images: Creative director: Lucie Doughty; Photographer: Todd Marshard; Hair: JPMS Artistic Team; Makeup: Fiona Stiles; Wardrobe: Emma Trask]

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